Top 10 Best Spin Mop In India

By Trusha Patel

Mopping is a tiring, boring, and messy daily task for every household though it can’t be avoided to maintain cleanliness in your home. Traditional dusting and mopping concept is really tiring and tough, but over the years, many things have been invented, and for that mopping is no longer boring, tiring, and tough job. 

You don’t have to hurt your arms, knees, and back while mopping the floor. The newly introduced spin mops have long adjustable handle, microfibre mop heads, and twin bucket system. Moreover, the bucket winger helps you to squeeze out the extra water; as a result, your hand will not be dirty or wet. 

So, this is the most exciting innovation for every household, and all the brands are designed the spin mop to make mopping stress-free, quick and simple. Most of us spend thousands of hours searching and finding the right spinning mop for our home.

A spin mop with a long adjustable handle will make the mopping less tiring for you. However, you should go for a good quality spin mop like ABI CLEANING SOLUTIONS Floor Mop Cleaner, as it’s 360-degree rotating mop will make mopping easy. You will get a 6 spin mop refill with one bucket that makes it the best floor cleaning mop in India.

Top 10 Best Spin Mop In India Reviews

1. ABI CLEANING SOLUTIONS Mop with 6 Refills Super Absorbent Refills for All Home & Office Floor Cleaning,360 Degree Spin Bucket, 180 Degree Flexible Handle,for Perfect Cleaning (Green)

  • Made in PVC plastic material
  • 360-degree rotating mop
  • Lightweight, microfiber and spin mop
  • Total number of mops – 6 and 1 bucket
  • Durable and lightweight telescoping handle – 51 inches
  • Spin dry basket for drying the mop

ABI Cleaning Solution offers a great floor mopping clear that comes with all sorts of advanced features. The mopping bucket is made of PVC plastic material that ensures super durability. You will get effective and super-fast cleaning by using this 360-degree mop bucket cleaner.  

It comes with a 360-degree rotating mop rotates 360 degrees in the bucket for washing and drying the mop. This microfibre mop is super lightweight and has good adsorbent capacity. With this mop, you can easily clean all the corners of the house like under the bed, refrigerator, bathroom, and kitchen corners, e.t.c. 


Moreover, it provides a durable telescoping handle that can be extended to 51 inches, so naturally, it will comfortably work for everyone. Stainless steel and a spin-dry section are there in this exclusive bucket where you can easily remove the excess water and make the mop dry. 

Most importantly, you will get 6 spin mop refill with one bucket and one handle that makes it the best mop in India. 

2. ESpotzero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop with Bigger Wheels and Plastic Auto Fold Handle for 360 Degree Cleaning (Aqua Green, Two Refills)

  • Twin bucket system with microfibre cleaning technology
  • 360-degree mopping handle
  • Structured with big wheels
  • Extended mop handle for any height people
  • Handle lock system for easy usage
  • Attached Side handle and bucket drainage system

Spotzero by Milton exclusive spin mop set provides a microfiber cloth that is lint-free and non-abrasive. Also, it has one refill of the extreme mop head for providing easy replacement of the existing mop head. So the microfibre cleaning technology provides durable, non-abrasive lint-free, superior water absorbency, larger surface area ad environment-friendly cleaning. 

This mop cleaner comes with the twin bucket system; one can be used for drying mop and another one for dipping the mop in the soap water. Moreover, it has a drainage system that drains out all the dirty water. The 360-degree mopping huddle rotates for giving you a hassle-free cleaning. 


You can reach every corner and clean the surface with the help of 360 degrees rotating mop. The bucket is equipped with good-quality big wheels that make the mopping an easy task. The whole mopping system embraces cleanliness and helps you to make a hygiene environment. 

It comes with an adjustable mopping handle that fits for every height of people. Also, the handle lock system makes it the best spin mop in India. 

3. Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning (with 2 refills)

  • Quick dryer spinner bucket
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Extendable handle for providing maximum comfort
  • 2 white microfibre spin mopping refill
  • Good quality washing bucket

Gala spin floor mop provides ultimate cleanliness and hygiene to your house. The long-lasting and durable bucket comes with plastic wringer and wheels, which helps you while cleaning. It comes with two 360 microfibre heads that enter every corner of the house like kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom corners.

The head mop is made of soft cotton microfibres with super absorbent capacity that provides deep cleaning to all types of surfaces. Moreover, the adjustable and extendable handle is comfortable for every height of people. The cleaning technology makes the whole cleaning process super easy. 

It comes with a sturdy steel handle with 360-degree rotation and the 2 microfiber white spin mop refills. These refills absorb the water and pick up the dirt effortlessly. You will get one bucket, two spin mop refill, and one handle. 


Gala floor cleaning mop provides a quick dryer bucket that can dry your wet mopping pad. All these features make it the best floor cleaning mop in India. So if you are looking for a floor mop then without any doubt go for it. 

4. Freshome Magic Spin Mop with 1 Extra Microfiber Refill (Green)

  • Spin bucket wringer with a mop
  • Comes with 1 mop set with one extra refill
  • Adjustable and durable handle
  • Micro-fiber long-lasting refills
  • Easy-grip with lock mechanism top

Freshome Magic Mop is an extraordinary spin mop which is really essential for every household. The durable mopping material and the adjustable handle make it easy for everyone to clean their house, office, or any other place. It comes with a spin bucket where you can wash the mop and also dry it after cleaning. 

Moreover, you will get one complete mop set and also one extra refill. The extra refill is exactly the same as the real mop as per the quality and size. This mop is quite lightweight, and the dimensions are 46cm length, 25cm width, and 23cm height. 


It comes with a lock mechanism that means you have to unlock the mop to spin it in the bucket winger and again lock it while mopping. One thing you have to remember that do not push the mop forcefully in the lock state as it can damage the spinning and locking system. 

An exit nozzle is there in the bucket for removing the dirty water, and this feature makes it the best mop in India. 

5. Esquire Elegant Spin Mop, Blue

  • Spin plastic bucket with a mop
  • One extra refill is provided
  • The super absorbent capacity of micro-fiber refill
  • The lightweight and sturdy bucket
  • Flexible swivel head – made of microfibre
  • Spin and dry the mop in the bucket

Esquire Elegant mop comes with an adjustable mop and one bucket for storing washing water. In the bucket, there is a separate space for drying out the mop and for wash the mop in the detergent water. The mop is locked initially; you have to unlock the mop for sipping it in the bucket. 

It comes with a telescopic handle that is adjustable from 45-180 degrees, so this mopping handle is perfect for people with any height. Moreover, the bucket is quite lightweight and sturdy, and it has a good-quality in-built wringer. There is a system in the bucket by which dirty water can be drained out from the bucket. 


The bucket comes with large wheels at the bottom, so that you can easily move it from one room to another. The full package contents with one complete mop set and also one extra refill. The mopping material is a good absorbent, machine washable, durable, and perfect for wet and dry cleaning. 

6. Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop with Big Wheels and Stainless Steel Wringer (Aqua green, 2 refills)

  • Mop material – plastic and steel
  • Package contents – 1 bucket and 1 mop
  • Follow microfibre cleaning technology
  • Good water-absorbent and lint-free
  • Lock mechanism handle with 360-degree movement
  • Steel wringer in the bucket

Spotzero by Milton Prime has manufactured an amazing modern technology-based mop that is perfect for households. The steel and plastic material of this mop makes it quite durable and long-lasting. It comes with one full set of mop and bucket, and you will get one year of warranty with this product. 

The mop head comes in microfibre material that has super water-absorbent capacity. The bucket has two separate sections; in one section, you can wet the mop in the detergent water, and in another is bucket winger. Moreover, the bucket is very easily movable from one place to another as it has a wheel at the base and one handle to carry the bucket. 


It comes with a clip-lock adjustable handle for adjusting the mop with your height. So with the clip-lock mechanism, you can adjust the mop length at your height. The mop head is 360-degree twisting, so it can easily get into any corner of the house. 

There is a drainage option at the bottom of the bucket by which you can drain out the dirty water after mopping. All these features make it the best floor cleaning mop in India. 

7. Bathla Ultra Clean 360 - Premium Microfiber Spin Mop with Trolley Wheels (Blue)

  • Material – High-density plastic polymer
  • Stainless steel bucket winger and mop handle
  • Telescopic adjustable pole
  • Dual plastic handle and built-in wheels
  • Built-in solution dispenser

Bathla Ultra Clean 360 introduces a high-density super durable polymer plastic mop set that is a must required for every house. The other parts of this mop set are made of stainless steel that increases the lifespan of this product. There are built-in extra-large wheels at the base of this mop for easy movement. 

Moreover, the drainage knob allows you to drain the dirty water after mopping. This mop set comes with stainless steel winger that provides a smooth spin. The high-quality adjustable telescopic pole is made of stainless steel, and you can adjust the length of the mop according to your height. 


It comes with two handles; one is for pulling, and another is for lifting the bucket. The super absorbent high-quality microfibre mop head is washable and will give you a streak-free mopping. This mop comes with a solution dispenser that drains out the detergent water. 

The mop head is 360 degrees moveable for that it can easily clean every place of the house. All these unique features and built-in high-quality materials make this mop the best mop in India. 

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A.K enterprises spin durable bucket mop will make it easy for you to clean your house. The durable bucket material makes this product long-lasting. The bucket has two separate sections, one is for keeping the detergent water, and another one is bucket winger. 

The mopping head has a super absorbent capacity that provides a clean floor. The 360-degree mop head enters into the small areas like under the refrigerator, kitchen, and bathroom corners. The mop handle is adjustable, so you can easily adjust it according to your height. 


With the help of a 180-degree bendable handle, you can easily carry the bucket from one place to another. It is efficient for wet and dry cleaning by bucket winger. By this mop, you will get a clean and hygienic floor; all these features make it the best spin mop in India. 

Moreover, you will get two extra refills with this product set. So, you can change the mop head with extra two refills. 

9. DUVERRA 360 Magic Spin Mop with Stainless Steel Detachable Wringer - 2 Refills for Strong Water Absorption

  • Spinning bucket of high-quality virgin plastic
  • 360-degree spin mop with microfibre head
  • Stainless steel spinner – 360-degree rotation
  • Comes with 2 high-quality stainless steel rod
  • Lock mechanism in handle for easy maintenance

DUVERRA 360 degrees magic spin mop is an outstanding product for cleaning the floor and maintaining hygiene. This magic mop is coming with a twin bucket that is made of virgin plastic. That is very lightweight, durable, and convenient for every household. 

For providing extra durability, the spinner is made of high-quality stainless steel. The spinner bucket is quite easy to clean, detachable and it has two sections, one for keeping detergent water and the other one is bucket winger. Moreover, it has a system of draining out the whole dirty water from the bucket after mopping is done. 


2 high-quality stainless-steel rod comes with this mop, and these are adjustable. This mopping handle rod has a lock mechanism system and makes it easy to operate. Moreover, 2 microfibre heads are included with this mop set, and the microfibre yarn extends up to 12 cm. 

As the mopping handle is adjustable, anyone can use it by adjusting the mop height with them, and this feature makes it the best floor cleaning mop in India. 

10. Bajrang Rapidora 360 Degree Mop Spin Cleaning Stainless Steel Rod Set with Refill, Blue

  • 360-degree spin mop with one refill
  • Stainless steel mopping handle
  • Lock mechanism system in the handle
  • Lock to mop and unlock to spin
  • Microfibre mop heads – pure cotton threads

Rapidora spin mop comes with one mopping handle and one refill, and it is quite easy to use. You can use this mop for any type of wet and dry mopping. It provides dual-action; one is the lock handle while mopping, and the other action is the unlocking state while spinning. 

The handle of this mop comes with three easy assemble parts, and it is adjustable. So you can adjust the length of this handle, and it is convenient for any height people. Moreover, this microfibre spin mopping head is washable, and it is super absorbent. The absorbing power of this mop head is 10 times greater than the other mops. 

However, a 3-driver mop is compatible with both wet mopping and dry dusting. You can use it for cleaning every corner of the house like the kitchen, refrigerator base, bathroom e.t.c. The hand-press dual spinning technique makes it the best mop in India. 

Buyer’s guide for giving you a clear idea about a cleaning mop 

Types of cleaning mop 

The cleaning mop is classified into different types according to its nature and design. So, the various types of cleaning mops are:

Flat Mops

Flat mops are one of the common types of cleaning mops, and it has flat, elongated and rectangular mopping head. This type of mop can clean very small areas of the house. At the end of this mop, a pad is attached that can pick up wet and dry spots. Some of the flat mop pads can be cleaning in the washing machine. 

Sponge Mop 

The design of the sponge mop is the same as a flat mop. But the only difference is that a sponge is attached at the end of the mop instead of any cloth or pad. The sponge mop can absorb better than the pad, so this type of mop can be used in bigger areas.  

Dust Mop 

A dust mop is nothing but a giant broom that can be used for sweeping dirt and dust, paper from the floor before mopping the surface. A dust mop is used for collecting dust from bigger buildings like shopping centers, warehouses, e.t.c. It’s quite tiring to do dusting in a bigger place with the regular broom, so the giant broom or a dust mop will be perfect for this. 

String Mop 

All types of mops have a design like a string mop. This type of mop comes with a long handle mop and a bucket. String mop is very efficient for cleaning a bigger area, and it is easily carriable also. 

Spin Mop 

The spin mop follows the same cleaning concept of the string mop. Various types of the best spin mop in India are available. It comes with a bucket, adjustable handle, and mop head. The bucket of the spin mop has wheels in the base for easy movement. The bucket winger absorbs the mop and provides and smooth cleaning. The mop head can enter into any small area of the house. 

Microfibre Mop 

Microfibre is a very good absorbent, so nowadays, microfibre mops are used very much. It has the ability to soak water like a sponge. Microfibre mops are the same as sponge mop, but the mop head of the microfibre mop is made of microfibre. Moreover, microfibre mop is easily washable. 

Benefits of using a spin mop:

  • Easy to clean 

The spin mop is the best option for cleaning the floor without any hassle. The twin bucket of the spin mop set has two separate areas. One for wet the mop in the clean water, and another section is to remove the dirt of the mop. Most of the spin mop can be washed in the washing machine. But it is also very easy to wash the mop by hand with water. 

  • 360 Degree Swivel 

Another most exciting benefit is its swivel movement. The spin mop provides a 360-degree swivel movement for rigorously cleaning without any mess. Because of this feature, the mop can also be cleaned very easily, which can satisfy anyone. 

  • Water control 

The mop head of the spin mop can absorb the water up to that much it is needed. So you can control the amount of water on the floor. Wet the mop in the detergent water; if you think the water amount is high, then soak the mop the dry section in th bucket for cleaning the floor. In this way, you can control the water. 

  • Replaceable mop heads 

All the mop head of the best mop in India are replaceable. There is a system of removing the mop head if it is worn out completely. You need to remove the mop head for washing also. Once the mop heads are washed, you can easily fit the head at its place. 

  • Easy to wash 

You should clean the mop atleast once after every four usages; otherwise, the material of the mop will be damaged, and the smell will come out. The cleaning will be easy for you, as you can detach every part of the mop while cleaning. 

  • Efficient cleaning with less effort 

Nowadays, you don’t need to clean the floor of your house with lots of effort as a magic mop is introduced. With this modern mopping technique, cleaning and mopping are becoming very easy. If you have a spin mop in your house, you have to give less effort, but still, you can clean the floor every efficiently. The easily movable bucket and the spin mop with a long adjustable handle will make it easy for you to mop your house efficiently.

  • No chance of floor damage 

The best floor cleaning mop in India are totally safe for your floor. So, do not worry about floor damage. The mop heads of the spin mop are made of microfibre strands, which can be used for any type of floor cleaning like laminate, marble, tile e.t.c. 

  • Does not required any electricity

Spin mop for floor cleaning does not require any electricity to operate. It is absolutely manual but requires less effort for cleaning. So, there will be no extra electricity bill for the spin mop. 

What you have to know for choosing the right spin mop? 

You need to consider some important things while choosing the spin mop. Those are 

  • Size and type of the mop head 

If the mop size is large, then the water-absorbing capacity and cleaning capability will be better. But you should always go for microfibre head mop as this type of mop can be re-washed, reused, and most importantly, it does not cause any allergic reactions. 

  • Lighter, efficient and heavy-duty cleaning 

For mopping a larger area, you should go for a steam mop. However, the microfibre spin mop is always better for daily use. But sponge mop is good for nay small use. 

  • Accessories 

Most of the best mop in India is now comes in a set of an extra set of refills, a pull bucket with built-in wheels, winger, and drainage feature that gives you an effortless floor cleaning. So, you always need to choose that mopping set which meets all your needs, has enough accessories for making the cleaning easy for you. 

  • Foot Pedal 

The design of the magic spin mop is different with different features. When it comes to choosing the right mop, you need to go for foot pedal bucket mop. Foot pedal spin mop is mostly used. When you depress the pedal, the bucket winger spins. The more you pump the pedal, the larger amount of water is wrung from the strings of the mophead. The high-quality foot pedal mop often requires less effort than the push handle mops. But there is one disadvantage of this foot pedal mop. The aged people with having balance problem might not be capable of pushing the pedal correctly. As a result, the pedal will be loosened with time. 

  • Push handle spin mop 

It is the new innovation in mops. If you press the push handle, the mophead starts spinning. The more you push the push handle, the more the mop will spin. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to stand on your one foot to wring the mop. 

  • Wheel with bucket 

If you have to carry the bucket while mopping, this will be more tiring. So, the wheels on the base of the bucket is a must required feature. If the wheels are attached to the bucket, then you can easily pull the bucket from one room to another. 

  • The design of the spin mop 

Most of the spin mops are designed in such a way that it provides effortless cleaning to the households. Some of the spin mops are designed with one or two bucket-handle, and for that, you can easily hold or carry the mopping bucket while cleaning. 

Moreover, when you need to carry the bucket, wheels on the base of the mopping bucket are very important. The different brands produce different types of magic mop designs. The design varies because of the material also. Some materials are used for making the mop head more absorbent of water, and this will increase the cleaning capability of the spinning mop. 

  • Materials of the Spinning Mop 

Different materials are used for making different parts of the spinning mop. Before purchasing any mop, you must check out the materials and verify if they are durable or long-lasting and can work efficiently. 

Some handles are made of wood or plastic. But plastic handles are quite durable and stronger. Some metal part is also there in spin mop like bucket winger, adjustable handle. Make sure those metal parts are rust-resistance or not. 

  • Ease of use 

While purchasing a spin mop for your home, you must consider a few factors which make your cleaning task more efficient. You should check the features of the spin mop and go through the reviews for verifying. Go for the lightweight spin mop as you can clean the floor with less stress. Make sure the handle of the spin mop is adjustable or not. You can adjust the handle of the spin mop according to your height. 

  • Cost of the Spinning Mop

Cost or price of the product is one of the biggest factors when it comes to shopping for any household things. The same goes for spinning mop too. You have noticed that almost every buyer compares the price of the spinning mop before buying because they want to buy a quality product within a pocket-friendly budget.

It is advisable for all the buyers to never compromise on quality. Do not buy a cheaper spinning mop that does not mean a costly mop will give you the best product guarantee. So be cautious when you buy a product. Look for the best features before you purchase the best spin mop in India. Go for the best quality product with excellent features in your price range, which will fit in your pocket too.

  • Check for Review of the Product

In the age of e-commerce, you will find plenty of online shops. Due to a shortage of time, people prefer to shop online, from household devices to electronic gadgets. The best part is you will get the first-hand reviews for those products.

These reviews will help you to buy products easily. You will get to know everything about the product. You can read the advantage and disadvantages of that product from the buyers who have already used this product. With the help of the reviews, you can make a decision about the product. The review will help you to buy the right product for you.

  • Does It Have a Soap Dispenser

Floor cleaning is always a hectic job. This is the main reason why you should buy the best spin mop in India. It will reduce your stress and ensure ease while you clean the floor. Another easing feature of this product is soap dispenser. The bucket soap dispenser will help you to dispense the soap which you use on the mop during the cleaning session.

The soap dispenser will not let you allow you to apply the soap manually. Through it, you can do it easily.

  • The Presence of Splash Guard

Now avoid the spilling water on your body or on the floor with the help of splash guard. It will help the cleaning easy. As because the water will not spill around, especially on the floor where you have already cleaned

Choosing the right mop on the basis of your floor type 

Most of the mops are suited for all types of the floor but still here are the type of floor that is best suited for floor cleaning. 

  • Laminated/Wooden flooring – The wooden floor requires less amount of water for cleaning. So you can go for dry vacuuming for dusting with a dump microfibre mop. 
  • Ceramic/Porcelain flooring – Microfibre or sponge mop is best for the Ceramic or porcelain tile floor.
  • Stone flooring – Any types of the mop can be used for cleaning the stone floor with plain or natural pH water 
  • Linoleum or Vinyl flooring – Dry sponge, steam, or microfibre mop is perfect for this type of floor to remove the stickiness. 
  • Concrete flooring – Collect the dust from the floor with a broom and then do very little mopping with a limited amount of water. 

Mostly Asked questions by the buyers

When should you change the mop head?

It’s a habit of most people to use the dirty mop head until the cotton head is completely worn out, and then they blame the product. You should not do this thing; the floor can only be cleaned with the clean mop head. So, it’s mandatory to change the mop head every 2-3 months. If you notice that there is enough dirt on the micro-fiber refill, then change the mop head as soon as possible.

2. On what kind of floor you can use the magic mop?

The best spin mop in India can be capable of cleaning all kinds of floors. The materials which are used to make a mop head are compatible with all types of floor cleaning like laminate, marble, wooden, ceramic, stone, vinyl e.t.c. But you need to know the appropriate way to cleaning different types of the floor as every surface has different water resistance. 

3. Are mop heads washable in the washing machine? 

It totally depends on the mop head that you are using. If the mop head has a smaller attachment hook, then it can be washed in a washing machine. But it is recommended not to wash that mop head which has a bigger attachment hook as both the mop head and the machine can damage. All you can do is to just wash the mop head with detergent water and wash it by your hands.

4. How can you stop smelling your mop?

Mostly, the mop starts smelling because of bacterial accumulation, but there are multiple ways to stop smelling the mop head. To keep the mop head clean and free from smell, you need to clean the mop head with detergent water and antiseptic liquid after every 4 uses. Leave the soaked mop head for 10 minutes and then dries it out. If the mop head is not fully smelled free, then wash it with bleach water, then leave for 10-15 minutes then dry it in sunlight.  

5. What is the difference between the single and twin bucket? 

The best floor cleaning mop in India is available in both the type of mopping bucket. The twin mop bucket has two separate sections for cleaning. By this two-section, you can keep the dirty and clean water separately. So, you can soak the strings of the mop head in the clean water while cleaning the floor. Then spin the dirty mop head in the other section of the bucket to remove all the dirt. But the single bucket mop does not have two different compartments, there is only one place for dips and spin the mop in the water. 

6. What happens if anyone runs out of micro-fiber refills?

Most of the companies provide two micro-fiber refills, so it will be beneficial for some months. Moreover, you can wash those mops and re-use them again. Every time, you don’t need to buy refills for replacing the dirty ones. But if the micro-refills are extremely worn out, then you can order one from online, which can fit in your mop head.

7. Can you use the mop for both wet and dry cleaning? 

Of course, yes, the micro-fiber material can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. You can clean the floor with the water and also dry clean some places with the mop. 

8. Do you need to buy an expensive bucket for long-lasting use? 

The durability of the mopping bucket does not depend on the cost of the mopping set. You will get different types of the best mop in India by various companies, which are quite affordable and works outstandingly. So, it’s not always mandatory to go for overpriced products. The durability of the product can be increased by the usage. So, handle the bucket carefully while using it. 


Mopping is really a hectic and tiring job. In our busy schedule, it’s difficult to get the time and put effort into mopping. But thank God we have the spinning mop. This spin mop with a bucket will make the job effortless. Now forget those days when you have to wrong out the dirty water manually after mopping.

Multiple options are there. So we have put together some of the best mops with great features. Hope this guide will help you out for picking up the right spinning mop. 

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