Top 10 Best Table Lamps

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A table lamp is a thing everyone who sombers in the night needs to make their surroundings a little bright. Desk or table lamp is the need of the hour for the readers as well. And, if you are hard-working, then you need to read this buying guide to get the best table lamp. We at this platform have spent a lot of time to pick the top and best study lamp options for you. Philips is the brand that offers one of the most durable, affordable products much more than your expectations.

Best Table Lamps / Study Lamps in India

Our Pick

Voroly 60W Table Lamp With Shade, White, Cylinder

  • Designed to use in all types of rooms.
  • Cylindrical shape with three wooden support stands.
  • E26 bulbs are required to light the lamp.
  • 110 V input voltage needed with 40w of bulb wattage.
Budget Pick

Philips Air LED Table Lamp/Desk Light (Black)

  • Best to fit in less space due to the design.
  • An AC adapter power source with 5 watts is needed.
  • It offers cool day lights.
  • Electric-type of lamp with two years warranty.
Updrade Pick

Tu Casa LG-200 - Black Metal Table Lamp with Cotton Fabric Conical Shape- Shade Color (Off White).Holder Type- B-22 (Brass)-(Bulb NOT INCLUDED8

  • It comes in Khadi color to suit every background.
  • An affordable brand with metal and fabric material.
  • One of the broadest table range products.
  • One meter length of cable.

lovelyhome 9 LED Book Lights and a Rechargeable Clip on Light with 3 Lighting Modes (Black)

  • Offers 40 hours of reading in 2 hours
  • 9 LEDs and three modes are available in the light.
  • It helps to protect eyes and give relief.
  • Horizontal headlamp with rubber clip.

Wipro 6W LED Table Lamp-3 Grade Dimming and Ambience Lighting (6 color options,White,Pack of 1)

  • Compact table lamp with a USB cable.
  • Non-flickering and stable design to be constant.
  • It comes with an adjustable design.
  • 220 to 240 voltage required.

Smartone Rocklight Plastic Table Lamp, White, Pack of 1

Smartone Rocklight
  • It is durable and rechargeable.
  • An LED light with portable USB comes for an emergency.
  • Affordability is a crucial factor in this.
  • Three kinds of brightness levels.

BillieJean Matte Black Reading And Studying Table Lamp, Pack of 1

  • Fantastic design with an aluminum holder.
  • Offers a stylish look due to a matte black finish.
  • B22 holder plug for safety.
  • 40 watts wattage capacity.

HELICON Table Lamp, Silver- Chrome Finished, Round, Pack of 1

  • Very flexible desk lamp for personal and professional use.
  • 360-degree arm rotation available.
  • Study lamp with B22 holder.
  • Easy to run and control features.

Smart One Rocklight Plastic Table Lamp, White, Pack of 1

Smart One Rocklight
  • 360-degree adjustable feature.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Attached USB LED lights.
  • Pocket friendly rate with better durability.

ESN 999 Metal Table Lamp, Black, Pack of 1

ESN 999
  • Gooseneck of the light is very flexible.
  • Multipurpose use with design.
  • It comes with a B22 holder type.
  • CFL and LED both can be useful.

Tranding Table Lamps

How would you pick the correct study light for you? 

The question is tough if you don't know the suitable answer for this.  Embellishing your home or condo is energizing but, knowing the factor that can help in it is more than that. There are multiple choices over which you need to work, such as plan style, shading, and value point for everything from furniture, carpets, and accents to lighting. Choose the one that can provide comfortability in home and office both. Well, to understand the things in detail, you can consider this buying guide.

What are the essentials we should look at in a lamp?

Before choosing the lamp which you can call as the best table lamp, you need to know the essentials such as:

  • Natural lighting: This is the light that normally happens in space during sunshine hours. It can have a positive mental and enthusiastic impact by improving disposition and diminishing pressure.
  • Surrounding lighting: This type of lighting is frequently alluded to as general lighting and is proposed to give uniform by and considerable enlightenment in a room. Encompassing lights are often roof apparatuses or sconces, yet they can be convenient lights or divider lights also. 
  • Errand lighting: This sort of light can be thought of as enlightenment explicit to playing out a specific movement. 
  • Complement lighting: This kind of light makes an air or is utilized to cause you to notice a specific item or part of your home's engineering or scene. Different intonations lights set the disposition and tone with warm or cold hues, contingent upon the feel you need to make. 
  • Improving lighting: This lighting is for merely tasteful purposes. These lights commonly don't radiate light well, yet basically add to the general brightening in a minor manner. 

Types of lights:

When you've figured out where your light will go and how it will be utilized, you next get to know about its nature. There are so many types available in the market, but, one needs to choose the most ideal such as:

Table lights: Setting your workbench/undertaking and surrounding lighting.

Reading Table Lamps: Useful to attach the place where you are reading. 

Other types that are popular are;

  • Wooden Lamp
  • Metal Lamp
  • Glass Lamp

Factors to keep in mind while buying the best study lamp:

  • Height: 24-31 inches is the average height that a table lamp should have. Shorter lights are generally utilized in rooms and taller views in lounge rooms. 
  • Width: There is nothing more to width but, it should be according to the table over which you will place it.
  • Shade: One of the first things that wear out on a light is the shade. At the point when you have to supplant one, you will need to ensure the new shade fits the base and looks great. 
  • Design element: Try not to think about a table light as a supplier of light as it was because it should be equally beautiful and elegant in look.
  • Affordability: Price is the key, so decide your budget first then, choose the best table lamp for yourself.

To be concluded, we wanna say to get the best table lamp having quality, design, and features combination ideally. You can buy any product mentioned above because these are all tested and reviewed by our experts who have personally tried the products. The best study lamp is what makes a relief to your eyes, so consider this factor above all to work even in the nights adequately.