Top 10 Best Top Load Washing Machine In India

By Trusha Patel

Washing is the most hectic thing until the invention of the washing machine. If you are still not getting rid of this work and looking to buy the one handy and best top load washing machine in India then, you are in the right place. Our expert has done numerous research to choose the right washing machine for you so that you can get the best top load washing machine in India.

Top 10 best top load washing machine in India Reviews

1. Panasonic 6.7 kg Built-in Heater Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F67V8LRB,Silver,Advanced Active Foam Wash) with Built in Heater, Gentle Hand Wash

  • Stain, as well as heater master technology, is used.
  • The opening of the machine is easy and wide.
  • 15 different types of washing programs are available.
  • It washes cloth gently without damage.

Panasonic has been a brand that’s familiar to India since early times and has made a reputation for it by providing sturdy Japanese tech to people.

They have been continuously working towards improving their tech and delivering state-of-the-art facilities to its customers. When it comes to best top-Load washing machines in India, Panasonic is nothing short of excellence with their 6.7kg variant.

Panasonic 6.7 kg top-load washing machine is designed to wash your clothes gently and rinses excess detergent away automatically. Machine reach is according to an average user which is quite open and ergonomic.
The tech in this top load washing machine includes up to 15 kinds of different washing programs for different types of fabrics, loads and use of water.

Panasonic doesn’t disappoint when it comes to stain removal and is very comfy on clothes. This washing machine also has an integrated heater heater-master technology that works well for drying and odour removal.

Also, it comes with some other useful features like filters for fuzz from fabric, efficient power use and an impressive warranty of 10 years on washing machine motor. So as a user, you can trust Panasonic as one of the best top load washing machines in India.

2. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654Y0IN grey)

  • RPM notes as 680 with drying speed 10-time faster.
  • Suitable for couples and small families because of its capacity.
  • Amazing power wave special features come for washing.
  • It also has a very delicate closing lead.

Bosch is a renowned global brand and is often connected with top-quality industrial machinery and electronics. Bosch has a legacy of decades and is now a mainstream producer of premium quality equipment. Bosch 6.5 kg is also one of the best top-load washing machines in India.

Bosch top load washing machine looks premium and works as a professional appliance should. Best in class stain-removal and durable build quality stand out as distinct qualities of this machine. RPM or rounds per minute are quite high in this machine, which ensures quick-drying.

Looks are beautiful with ergonomically sleek and elegant design. Its compactness and use make it suitable for small families and metro cities. Washing machine sound is very low, and it integrates multiple wash programs.

Don’t let its looks fool you because the softness of its lid and elegant design also comes with a very robust body. The tub is made of stainless steel and provides comforting washes. If you’re looking for a new top load washing machine, go for this beauty for its design and compactness. Also, the brand quality of Bosch is a plus point.

3. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr, Grey)

  • 2 years warranty on each product and motor.
  • The machine is made using stainless steel.
  • It comes with a neat feature of memory backup.
  • The function of the auto-restart is also there.

Godrej India is the words that echo through our ears for multiple reasons as Godrej produces various products which are loved by us. Godrej also is a prominent electronics brand and produces one of the best top-load washing machines in India. Godrej 6.2 Kg top-load model.

This washing machine is best for Indian households as it comes with features like a warning for water supply, easy single button controls and adjustment features for soaking and drying. It has RPM speed of 700, which helps in drying. Colour options make this machine look like a seasoned product.

One unique feature that will surprise customers that this machine comes with a memory backup for previous washes. This memory backup enables auto restarting functionality. Godrej has made sure that this machine removes excess detergent during your washes and will prove to be cost-efficient.

Tub material is also the stainless steel that gives extended durability in prolonged use. Godrej provides an in -house warranty of 2 years on this product. Godrej also has provided a technology that uses multiplied force to remove the stains for good. If you have been a customer of Godrej before you would know they are all about value for money. You choose this washing machine as it’s one of the best value for money top load washing machines in India.

4. Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM62-AE, White with Blue lid)

  • It comes with 8 kinds of washing functions.
  • You can enjoy additional Ariel Matic washing powder for free.
  • This machine also has an aerial washing mode.
  • It is a fully automatic 6.2 kg washing machine.

Haier, as their tagline says, looks for advancement and what is next to come in technology. With this vision, Haier has introduced its new electronics appliances such as ACs, refrigerators and washing machines etc. Haier has studied the Indian markets so they could provide one of the best top load washing machines in India.

Haier 6.2 Kg top load washing machine is a deal many customers would not like to miss. Haier has gone value for money with this one and included some top features and some mid ones to create a balance for Indian households and families.

Let’s talk about its main features which include eight types of washing programmes, a larger drum that’s shaped to produce force while washing and filter for residuals. Haier users also recommend this washing machine because of its subtle qualities like compactness, being budget-friendly and high drying speed.

When you combine these features with ergonomic design, the outcome is a great washing machine for small families. Also, Haier has Aerial Matic washing machine powder as a freebie for quality washes. Thus this package becomes a sweet deal for India’s competitive market.

5. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65M4100HV/TL, Sparkling Grey)

  • Lint-free features to keep cloth magically.
  • 220 total frequency with 6.5 kg capacity.
  • The material of the drum is made up using STS.
  • It has an easy operating function with rates.

Whenever we hear about Samsung, we get an idea of flagship smartphones or smart TVs, but Samsung has expanded its market towards quality electronic home appliances.

So Samsung 6.5 Kg top-load washing machine is one of the best top-load washing machines in India with the excellence of Samsung. Samsung washing machines quality and build are more powerful inside than aesthetics outside. A strong motor with a higher number of spin counts provides effective stain removal and better drying.

Additional features for this Samsung washing machine includes a filter for fuss or better known as lint, a durable drum made out of stainless steel and high-frequency range. Though a bit on the upper side of the cost graph, Samsung compensates it with a simple but better design and smart washing functions. Design holds the classic Samsung bod look and performance is just near perfect with quick stain removal and cloth protection.

Useful for developing markets, this machine complements small families. Also, it consumes less amount of water due to its new dispersion based technology. If you’ve been a customer of Samsung, you know what they’re about, and this washing machine is not an exception. Also, a refreshing feature where after drying it cleans itself.

6. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ( T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL, Middle Free Silver)

  • Faster drying with a total RPM of 780.
  • Suitable for small families, and it is affordable.
  • It comes with an anti-rat cover and ORG detergent.
  • You will get smart inverter technology.

LG Electronics has made its name in the heart of Indian households in recent decades, and they again bring us one of the best top-load washing machines in India.

The speciality of LG is that they’re always bent on bringing smart solutions to your problems. You must’ve heard of inverter ACs, but LG 6.2 kg top load washing machine is an inverter washing machine. It means more energy savings when you use this washer. Also, this machine is much efficient at drying your clothes with a high RPM speed of 780.

Little tweaks are what makes a machine perfect or near-perfect. LG has got such tweaks as pest cover banning the entry of rodents, a smart washing tub with self-cleaning and fabric adjustment feature.
Build quality and design make you feel like this piece of exquisite machinery would be much costly than it is in reality.

Still, LG has designed this machine by Indian households and their requirements. You also get those premium features like a lock for children and washing time adjustment function. In our verdict, LG would delight you with its performance.

7. Whirlpool 12 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine with In-Built Heater (360° ULTIMATE CARE 12.0, Graphite)

  • Design is very cool with robustness.
  • Amazing and 12 different washing functions.
  • It also has heater technology in 3 different ways.
  • Easy working process with a single nozzle sprays option.

Whirlpool is a brand as exciting as their marketing. Now the Whirlpool brings a top-notch and premium quality, top load washing machine. Whirlpool goes all in this variant with a capacity of 12 kgs and heavy load handling. Despite being such a heavy machine,

Whirlpool has maintained higher RPM at the speed of 780, so the motor here is much powerful. Whirlpool has its trademark circular wash technology here to wash clothes much efficiently in less of the time. There is also a caring feature for your precious fabrics which automatically uses fabric softener when needed. Also, another smart feature of its is the recommendation for the amount of water and detergent to be used.

But the feature which makes this machine stand out from other washing machines in the market is an integrated smart heater. Utilising on the principle that hot water is more efficient when it comes to stain removal, Whirlpool applies this into their washing and drying.

Whirlpool ensures you don’t waste or overuse your detergent. For this, Whirlpool has got a superb mixing tech and warning system. Well if you have a lot of washing to do, go for Whirlpool.

8. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL SDW, White, Aqua Energie water softener)

  • Works well for small families as power consumption is just 370 watt.
  • 800 RPM power mode with aqua energie.
  • You can get super customer care help with easy return offer.
  • Perfect combo of aqua spa and drum lamp comes with it.

 IFB electronics and home appliances are a part of IFB industries which have a market-wide range of products. Founded in 1974, IFB is ever-growing and improving. IFB also has introduced a 7 kg top load washing machine which is one of the best top load washing machines in India. IFB has improved its game with new in-depth cleaning technology. 

This tech claims to clean even most rigid stains and marks. You like self-care and spa and so does your clothes when they’re in this IFB machine. The machine cleans, keeps hydration locked and clothes protected. The surprising factor of this machine is that it only uses 340 watts of power consumption but in return, provides a great number of wash spins at 800 RPM.

IFB is a brand that’s always striving to improve and provide the best customer experience. Reviews of happy customers solidify this fact as they vouch for superb assistance from customer representatives. Also, the IFB washing machine has the best in class customer policy with easy returns if you don’t like the product, although there’s a seldom chance of it. There is also a drum lamp to assist spa-like features of IFB washing machine.

9. AmazonBasics 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Grey/Black, Full Metal body, LED Display)

  • It is helpful in saving electricity as well as water.
  • The overall RPM recorded as 700.
  • It is fully automatic with a higher speed of washing and drying.
  • It comes with a tub clean & starts later program.

Amazon is a global shopping site that is known to everyone. Amazon may be the place where you can buy one of the best top-load washing machines in India. But in India, Amazon also provides its homegrown brands and products. Amazon Basics is such an initiative that follows basic plain but impressive design combined with maximum utilisation.

This fully automatic washing machine may not be a fancy side but don’t let the looks fool you. This top load washing machine packs all premium features in this price. It has got a recorded RPM speed of 700 for quick drying.

Despite all these basics, Amazon also provides locking from children, ten types of washing features and sys filter. You get to see performance enhancement due to low sound in the wash, timing control and filtering options. The body is made from premium plastic that doesn’t rust, and the drum is made of steel with a diamond cut kind of design.

This drum design ensures tangle-free washing. Also, Amazon throws in a 2-year overall warranty and a five-year motor warranty. If you’re looking for decent features at an affordable price, go for AmazonBasics.

10. Koryo by Big Bazaar 6.2KG Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine (KWM6218TL,Grey)

  • Easiest washing features with quality washing benefits.
  • You will get a digital display to check 8 wash functions.
  • 10 years of ultimate warranty over motor with 2 years on product.
  • You can keep it safe from the child as child lock is available.

Koryo is a brand offered by famous mart chain Big Bazaar. Koryo targets compactness when it is considered as one of the best top load washing machines in India. Reliant washing is the best feature you’ll get out of this washing machine. The machine is suitable for day-to-day use of small families. Not much heavy with the weight of 20 kgs, this machine is ergonomically well built. Koryo has 500 RPM speed and decent drying speed.

User reviews often talk about Koryo warranty service with a 2-years of complete warranty and an impressive 10-year motor warranty. It has an LED-lit display for washing features. Washing drum is durable and does its job effortlessly. You get Pulsator type of spinner to get all the dirt squeezed and cleaned out of your precious fabrics.

A charming feature is its filter technology that gets rid of the residual dust and fuzz components. Koryo integrates advance one-touch one-button control for washing programs. Koryo has also put attention to fabric management and has separate modes for separate kind of fabrics. If you’re into basics of the washing machine with enough features for light use, you should go for Koryo top-loading washing machine.

Buying Guide for Best Top Load Washing Machine:

Why can’t the current generation rely upon a washing machine?

One of the groundbreaking and efficient creations within recent memory is nothing but a work of clothes and attires. To look good and stylish different types of design come in the market. But, what if we are not able to clean those clothes effectively?

In that scenario, machines for washing clothes can be useful as people don’t have time to wash clothes by hand—all you require is to place your clothes in the clothes washer and adhere to the directions. In light of the chosen wash mode, it will circulate its time among washing, flushing, and drying.

What are the hygiene issues in washing by hand? 

The majority of the clothing cleansers and fluids have aromas like roses or jasmine. Yet, its smell isn’t regular; it is just because of synthetic substances present in it. These synthetic concoctions can cause rashes and skin disturbances.

During my youth, I saw my mom washing garments by her hand. As of excessive washing, she got skin bothering because of unsafe synthetic concoctions present in clothing cleansers. It is prudent to utilize just those cleansers, which is scent and color free.

You ought to likewise, flush your garments on various occasions to limit the cleanser buildup. In this clothes washer purchasing guide, we will talk about prescribed procedures for clothing. The most suitable choice of this is to utilize a completely programmed clothes washer.

What are the different kinds of washing machines available in the market?

  1. Semi-automatic
  2. Fully automatic

There are two other options available in the fully automatic:

  • Top Loader Washing Machine 
  • Front Loader Washing machine 

Name best top load washing machine in India;

There are so many machines available in the top-loaded category, such as:

  • Haier 5.8 kg Top Load Washing Machine 
  •  LG P7853R3SABG 6.8 kg Washing Machine 
  • LG P8539R3SM 7.5 kg Washing Machine 
  • Videocon VS60B11 Typhoon Plus Washing Machine 
  • Videocon VS60A12-DMU Washing Machine 
  • LG 9.5 kg Washing Machine 
  • LG T72CMG22P 6.2 kg Washing Machine 
  • Whirlpool 7.2 kg Washing Machine 
  • LG T10RRF21V 9 kg Washing Machine

Some key features to know before buying the best top load washing machine in India:

You can easily get fooled by the sellers because you don’t carry enough knowledge about the features of the top-loaded washing machine. So, here have a look at top features;

Turn Speed:

You should pick one with a significant component of turn speed. Spin the speed is estimated as cycles every moment or rpm—higher rpm guarantees snappier pivot.

Integral Heater:

It will help you to assist with the ever-changing water temperature. This element is helpful in the winter season while washing an overwhelming heap of comfortable garments, covers, and so forth. Some clothes washers likewise accompany a steam setting that assists with battling stains and earth.

Time Delay:

This element is helpful if you have stacked your clothes washer and need to defer the wash cycle. When you stacked your
garments in the clothes washer around evening time; however, you will be ready to take out the clothing in the first part of the day; at that point, this component will help you set the time according to your benefit.

Driven Display:

The LED show will be a helpful element where you can see the definite data of the washing procedure. In some clothes washers, you additionally will get touchscreen shows.

Different washing function of the best top load washing machine in India:

Apart from that, there should be some outstanding washing programs over which you can decide your buying. It can be the best decision to know about this because you need to think about the distinctive wash programs, which will assist you with choosing the best clothes washer.

Active Wash: It will give you some fantastic experience of washing clothes as an operating mode is one of the demanding programs people want. It is accessible in practically all completely programmed clothes washers. The quick wash program is intended to wash your garments altogether in a brief timeframe.

Pre-Soak: The pre-douse washing function is intended for intensely grimy garments. For this function, your clothes washer will initially douse and unsettle the garments altogether before starting the process.

Daily wash: Most people wash clothes regularly, which is why the daily wash program is useful. It is intended to wash ordinary or daily wear.

Question that will help you choose the best top load washing machine in India:

What could be an ideal front or top loader washing machine?

All clothes washers are similarly furnished with present-day highlights. It is prescribed to purchase a completely programmed clothes washer since it will give incredible wash water and vitality productivity. A front-load clothes washer is somewhat costly; however, it provides an agreeable wash while a top burden clothes washer is ideal for individuals experiencing back agony.

A Semi-Automatic washing is near as a manual clothes washer. You can consider this on the off chance that you are low in the spending plan, and there is no water association accessible. You can fill a self-loader clothes washer with the two cans too by tap.

Variables to consider before purchasing a clothes washer? 

There are numerous elements one ought to consider before purchasing a clothes washer. The vast components are types, limit, brand, and financial plan. Aside from this, you should likewise consider wash programs, RPM, vitality evaluations, just like client audits.

Why are front burden clothes washers more costly than top loaders? 

A top burden clothes washer has either an instigator or pulsator framework. Then again, a front burden clothes washer has a tumbler washing framework. Tumbler washing frameworks are more costly to produce than the pulsator framework. One can get more wash details and highlights in the front burden clothes washer.

What amount of cleanser would it be prudent to heap?

It depends on how hard the water is. Yes, the hardness of the water needs more cleanser than delicate water. It is additionally fitting not to utilize a lot of cleaners since it will leave a cleanser after the wash. You ought to follow the rule composed on the cleanser box for fitting use.


So, these are the best top load washing machines in India, which you can choose to enjoy the handy washing. You will get both semi-automatic best top load washing machines in India as well as fully automatic. All these options mentioned above are best in the category.

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