Top 10 Best Treadmill In India

By Trusha Patel

Staying fit is no more an option but has become a necessity in today’s world. Eating the right kind of food is alone not enough to remain in fit health. Daily exercise plays a vital role in maintaining good health and thereby having a healthy lifestyle.

But amongst the tough schedule, it is extremely difficult to manage time for our selves and save some amount of energy for hitting the gym. Thus here we are trying to bring you an updated list of the best treadmill in India that will help you to stay fit without requiring you to run to the gym after your hectic job. 

Physical health and mental health are interconnected. A healthy mind can not exist without a fit body. Treadmills serve various purposes for a complete exercising schedule. You can run, jog, or even walk on the treadmill based on your choice and criteria.

The speed can also be adjusted, and thus the safety of the person is also ensured. Thus it would be your best choice to opt for the best treadmill for home and cater to your dream of having a fit and healthy body.

Top 10 Best Treadmill In India Review

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with DIY and Virtual Assistance, Home Use & Automatic BMI Calc.

  • Powermax provides free installation for the machine just on a call request
  • Direct Current Motor with a capacity of 1.5 HP for high performance
  • Clear, and Bright 5.5’ LED control display screen
  • Cap weight of 90 kg to ensure high weight user compatibility

The Powermax Fitness treadmill has a variable speed range from 1 to 10 kilometers per hour that will help you set the speed according to your needs. You can walk, jog or even run at full speed on this treadmill.

The company provides installation to all its customers on request via a call free of charge. The motor has a power output rate of 1.5 HP that lasts long and can perform at high speed for long durations.

The treadmill has a LED display that is clear and bright. There are 12 preset programs for easy and fast usage of the customers. You would not need to set the speed manually. Simply just select the mode of work out on the preset menu and start working. 

Final Words:

Installing the Powermax Fitness Treadmill in your home would give you freedom from running to the gym. This is assuredly one of the best treadmill in India for all those fitness freaks out there. It also monitors your heart rate and BMI.

An added advantage of this treadmill is that you would not get bored since you can tune your iPhone or Android phone via AUX cable and listen to your favorite sings while working out. 

2. Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill,Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display for Perfect Home Use & Fitness Enthusiast (Free Installation Assistance)

  • 1 HP direct current motor which can run at 2.5 HP at peak
  • High-quality speakers to stay tuned to your favorite songs while burning calories
  • A noiseless motor that lets you workout in peace
  • Large running surface with a cap weight of 95 kgs

If you wish to choose the best treadmill for home within a suitable budget, then the Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill should be your perfect choice. The powerful motor has an output of 1 HP, which can be extended up to 2.5 HP during high-intensity workouts.

Also, the motor works at complete silence and lets you work out at peace. It has high-quality speakers installed in it that can be paired with your devices, and you can play motivating songs while running that extra mile.

The treadmill can bear a weight up to 95 kgs and has 43X15 inches wide running surface. It also has a mobile holder that lets u garage your phone in front of your eyes while working out so that you do not miss out on any notification.

Final Words:

The Healthgenie Motorized treadmill has a speed range of 0.8 to 10 kilometers per hour that is suitable to be used in every household. It has a super shock absorbing and reducing function that helps you work out comfortably.

LED display lets you view the control functions easily, and it shows various features like heart rate, calories burnt, speed, distance, e.t.c. Altogether this treadmill is a perfect choice for working out at home.

3. Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill with twister, Stepper & 3 Level inclination.

  • It has a twister that helps you work out your thighs and legs
  • 3-Level inclination to suit your needs and help you exercise in your way
  • It is foldable and occupies very little space and thus does not require much of the carpet area of your room
  • Extremely portable as it comes with wheels, thus can be shifted easily from one room to other

The Lifeline 4-in-1 treadmill has a twister and stepper. The twister helps you shape up your waistline. It also helps you burn calories faster from thighs and legs as well as the whole body.

The stepper is specially designed to strengthen the leg muscles. It also helps to improve the circulatory system functioning of the body and improve the functioning of the heart. 

The treadmill can be set up to 3 different levels of inclination, and this feature is an added advantage for all those who want to burn calories fast. Instead of running on the treadmill at zero inclination, it is better to jog on the machine at an inclination of 3 or 4. It also has push-up handles that help you build muscles besides staying fit. 

Final words: 

A fit body aids in balanced mental health and thereby keeps a person happy. This treadmill is a package worth all your money. It is very budget-friendly.

Do not worry about the space since it is adjustable and can be fitted within a very small space. Supported on wheels, this treadmill can be transported from one room to another without much effort as it is portable.

4. Fitkit FT098 Series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill ( Max Speed:12.8km/hr, Max Weight: 90 Kg ) With Free home installation Free Diet & Fitness Plan

  • On buying this machine, you will be given a free dietician consultation and one-time personal trainer for three months
  • Can be connected to FitApp plus that, in turn, lets you connect with Android and other smart devices
  • 1.5-2 HP motor that can give you the desired speed
  • Bright LED display to show readings like heart rate, distance speed, e.t.c.

The Fitkit motorized treadmill is amongst the best treadmills in India, as it is easy to maintain and has easy manual controls. Once you buy this device, you will automatically become a part of the Fitkit family and will be given free dietician consultation as well as a personal trainer for the first three months.

You can keep a check on the total number of calories burnt and other measures through the FitApp plus, and it can be connected to your smart devices like phone, tablet, etc.

The motor of this motorized treadmill is powerful and can give an output of 1.5 to 2 HP that gives a speed range of 0.8 to 12.8 kilometers per hour. It has a wide, anti-skid running space of dimensions 1200X400 square mm, which can be folded up when not in use. Thus this treadmill can be fitted in a small space. 

Final Words:

We should always choose the capping weight of the treadmill to be at least 15 to 20 kgs higher than our original weight as our impact weight while running is higher than our original weight.

This treadmill has a capping of 90 kgs that is suitable for all persons weighing within the range of 75 kgs. 

5. WELCARE MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill, Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display and Mobile Phone Holder Perfect for Home Use - Grey

  • Quite Direct current motor that has a power ranging from 2 to 4 HP
  • Speed range varying from 1 to 12 kilometers per hour with 12 preset menus
  • The multilayered running belt offers minimum friction and reduces shock
  • Hand-held pulse monitor to check your heart rate while exercising

The Maxpro Folding treadmill has a very powerful and yet a noiseless motor that provides a speed range of 1 to 12 kilometers per hour, which lets you exercise according to the needs and conditions of your body. The treadmill can be manually inclined to 3 different levels to burn calories faster.

The treadmill can bear a maximum weight of 110 kgs. There are 12 preset programs, and these programs can further be set to 3 different levels as per the need of the user for efficient work out experience. The running belt is wide and shockproof. The heart rate monitor is installed in the handle that helps you see the change in your heart rate while working out.

Final Words:

The pan India customer care and product installation support system makes this treadmill one of the best treadmill for home. This also has a mobile and bottle holder, to ensure that you do not miss out on an important call or go thirsty while working out. 

6. Cockatoo CTM-04 Series Home Use 1.5 HP - 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill for Home with Massager, Max Speed 14Km/Hr, Max User Weight 90 Kg (Free Installation Assistance)

  • Free installation all across India thus you need not worry about installing the device on your own
  • 390X1100 mm running surface, which is shockproof
  • Big and bright LED display of 5″.
  • Adjustable and portable with 12 preset functions

Staying fit and staying home can now be done simultaneously with the installation of a Cockatoo Motorized treadmill. This treadmill has a powerful motor of 2 HP that lets you run and jog at the very comfort of your home. Also, the company ensures the free installation of the device pan India.

The running belt is wide and shockproof. The steel frame of the treadmill makes it a robust and sturdy choice for your home. The big and bright LED display shows important measures like heart rate distance, speed, calories burnt, e.t.c.

Final Words:

This treadmill can be folded up and stored in one corner of the room and thus is ideal for all those houses where there is a crunch of space. This also has transportation wheels for easy mobility.

The heart rate sensor is built right on the handle of the machine to provide the exact heart rate during work out sessions.

7. Cockatoo CTM-08 1HP (1.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

  • Capping weight of 90 kgs for heavy-weight persons
  • Compact and shockproof running area for a comfortable workout session
  • Basic controls like start, stop and speed adjustment are built on the handrail for easier control
  • Adjustable design and transportation wheel for portability

The Cockatoo CTM treadmill is ideal for heavy-weight persons as it can bear weight up to 90 kgs. It has a compact running belt of dimension 41X14 inches. The motor has a power of 1.5 HP and can provide a speed range of 1 to 10 kilometers per hour. 

It has a bottle holder and a mobile phone holder on the console. The basic control keys are on the fingertips of the user as they are built right on top of the handrail for more convenient use. It has a heart rate monitor that shows a real-time heartbeat on the LCD screen.

Final Words:

This treadmill is adjustable as the front running belt can be folded and moved up. Thus this treadmill can be stored in a small space. This treadmill has all the features to claim to be one of the best treadmill in India. It can be ported easily with the help of the transport wheels.

8. Fitkit FT100M Series (3.25HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill ( Max Speed:14.8 km/hr, Max Weight: 110 Kg ) With Free home installation and Connected Live interactive Sessions by Onefitplus

  • Smart collaboration with Amazon Alexa to do your work out fun
  • 1.75 HP motor to let you walk, jog or run at your convenience
  • The running belt absorbs vibration thereby keeping your joint safe
  • 3-level manual inclination and 12 preset menus for efficient workout

The FitKit Treadmill is a smart choice if you want to install the best treadmill for home. This machine can collaborate with amazon Alexa and make your work out sessions way more fun, motivating, and worthy.

Now you can keep a trace of the number of calories you have burnt or the distance that you have covered on the treadmill so far or even the speed at which you ran or walked on the treadmill. Additionally, you can also keep track of your food habits and water intake through this.

The 1.75 HP motor lets you use the treadmill in a speed range of 0.8 to 14 kilometers per hour. Thus, you can walk or jog or run on it based on your need. The running belt is made up of high-quality material that is mainly used in sports items, which is capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations. This, in turn, saves your joints from any kind of jerks and shocks.

Final Words:

The Fitkit FT100 Treadmill is ranked amongst the best treadmill in India as it is budget-friendly and full of useful features. The design is compact and adjustable, and this also has a modern and trendy look to suit your personality. 

9. Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill

  • A Basic instrument at an extremely affordable price
  • A 3-level manual inclination for better burning of calories
  • Cast-iron pulley to provide smooth and soft motion of the belt
  • Heart rate, speed and distance monitoring on the provided dashboard

The Lifeline manual treadmill has a wide space on the running belt to let the user jog freely without worrying about the leg space area. It comes with wheels and can be moved from one room to another without any kind of hassle. This feature makes this treadmill gain a top rank in the list of best treadmill for home.

The machine can be inclined to three different levels for convenient workout and burning of calories. The running belt moves like a conveyor belt on cast-iron pulleys, and the movement is ultra-smooth. The steel frame is durable and robust.

Final Words:

The electronic dashboard shows real-time heart rate, speed, distance, etc. Moreover, there are no chances of slipping or tripping of the machine as it has a safety lock, and thus it is also very safe to use.

10. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Manual Incline Motorized Treadmill for Home with 12 preset Workouts, Max Speed 10km/hr. (Free Installation Assistance)

  • Speakers with compatible USB and AUX so that you do not get bored while working out
  • 12 preset menus to chose from while performing endurance training
  • Eight rubber pads to support vibration and shocks of all kind
  • Capping weight of 90kgs suitable for over-weight persons

The Life-long FitPro Treadmill has high-quality speakers that let you tune into motivational work out songs to help you work out for a long time without getting tired. You can connect your phone or tablet through the AUX cable and listen to the song. The powerful motor allows you a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

This treadmill is also on the top list of the best treadmill in India for endurance training. With 12 preset menus to choose from, you can work out efficiently at the comfort of your home. The running belt is wide and vibration-proof that saves your joints from all kinds of shocks and jerks, thereby ensuring your utmost safety.

Final Words:

This can bear a weight of 90 kgs and can be fitted in a very small space. It has a complete 90 degrees folding design and transportation wheels to carry the machine all over the house without much effort. 

Buying guide for the best treadmill in India :

Choosing the best treadmills in India, amongst so many varieties and variations, is an extremely cumbersome job. However, installing the best treadmills for the home can give you the freedom to work out at a convenient time, without having to follow the schedule of the gym.

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind before choosing the best treadmill in India for yourself.

Space and size of the treadmill:

This should be the very first consideration before one opts to buy a treadmill. To begin with, figure out how much space is available for warmup in your house because before you start working out on the treadmill, you need to do a little bit of warmup to accustom your body to the upcoming workout regime.

Thus choose the space for warming up wisely. Also, measure out the floor area that you can dedicate to the machine. Most of the treadmills publish the dimensions of the instrument, and thus if you have a clear idea about your floor plan, you can easily understand if that machine would fit into the area or not.

Generally, it is recommended that for walking a belt size of 20” is ideal and for running or jogging, one should opt for a belt size of 22”. So take into account all your needs and chose the best variety possible.

The next crucial point to consider is the size or dimensions of the treadmill that you want to buy. Now, foldable or adjustable treadmills are also available in the market these days, and they also have enough positive feedback. Thus if you have space crunch at home, you can surely opt for these adjustable instruments. Otherwise, you can buy common non-adjustable ones.  

Motor Power:

It is measured in Continuous horsepower. Continuous horsepower unit gives you an idea about how much output your machine can give continuously instead of the output it can provide only at its peak.

For automatic treadmills, the power of the motor determines the quality of work out that the treadmill can provide. Depending upon your weight and the intensity of work out that you want to perform, choose the power of the motor. For people who weigh between 150-200 pounds, the following buying guide is recommended.

  • Just for walking: A machine with at least two continuous horsepower or more should be chosen.
  • A little more intense exercise like jogging: A machine with a motor capacity of 2.5 continuous horsepower is ideal for this purpose. 
  • High-intensity workout like high-speed running: This would require a higher horsepower. Thus it is advisable to choose a machine with three continuous horsepower or more. 

However, if you weight more than 200 pounds, then no need to worry. Just do your part of the calculations and add 0.5 horsepower more to each of the above categories, and you are good to go.

Motors installed in the best treadmill in India are covered under warranty. Thus, you need not worry about their lifetime. Just check the warranty period before you buy the instrument and choose the one that offers the maximum warranty period.


Before buying your best treadmill for home, you must check out the notifications that it offers and ensures that the features offered suits your needs. A few of the features that must be checked in a treadmill are as follows:

  • The Belt Size: The length and width of the belt must be checked before buying the treadmill. For a very tall person, whose height is above 6 feet, a minimum belt size of 54 inches is good for a high-intensity workout. For people with height less than 6 inches, a 52 inches wide belt would also serve the purpose.
  • Speed: The speed of the treadmill depends upon the motor of the device. Thus choosing a powerful motor always helps. Also, choose as per your needs. If you are planning on doing a high-intensity workout, then choose a machine that can give an output speed of 10mph or more. Otherwise, the speed of 8mph is good for basic walking and jogging purpose. Do not buy high-speed machines unnecessarily if you plan on doing mild exercises because high motor power would cost you a high amount of money, and it would be a wastage. 
  • Ergonomics: The overall make of the machine is very important since that is what decides the comfort level of the runner. If you want to purchase a treadmill for running at high speed, then this feature should be considered well before buying the machine.
  • Incline: This feature helps you to give you the simulation of real outdoor running. Some machines can be even inclined or declined based on the need of the user. Choose a machine that can be inclined by at least 10% or higher. 
  • Programming: By programming, we mean the control screen. Choose a machine that has the maximum possible programs. Basic programs include a heart-rate monitor, a timer, increasing or decreasing the intensity and number of calories burnt. Some machines also depict the kilometers that you have run and reset options.


Though we are mentioning this, at last, it is another important feature to consider while you choose the treadmill. The more the number of features in a treadmill, the more will be the cost.

You should opt for a device that is user-friendly, comfortable and has got maximum features as per your needs. For ensuring these qualities, go through the customer feedbacks and read as many reviews as possible. Thus, choose the machine that serves your need and is well within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Shall I put on my running shoes before using a treadmill?

Yes. It is better to run on the treadmill with your running shoes on. This protects the sole of your feet, and thereby there remain no chances of wear and tear. However, if you are walking on the treadmill, you can do it without putting on your shoes. But it is always better to use the treadmill by putting on your shoes.

Q2. Which is better, running on zero slopes or the incline?

Running in an inclined mode helps you burn more calories within a short time. Thus it is helpful for people who want to lose weight fast. If you are using the treadmill just to stay fit and o not plan on reducing considerable weight, then you might just run or walk on zero slop of the machine. Running at an incline also increases your stamina. Thus, it is not about better or worse, and it depends upon the need of the person.

Q3. Which control screen for a treadmill should I choose, LCD or LED?

LCD and LED both are advanced technologies; however, if longevity is taken into consideration, then it is better to go for the LED variety. The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display, and that of LED is Light Emitting Diode. The main difference that is a matter of concern for the viewer is the angle of vision in LED and LCD.
In LCD, the view changes as the angle of vision change, and thus, it might be a little problematic for the user. But for an LED screen, the angle of vision is insignificant and gives the same view. Thus, an LED control screen si better as compared to the LCD screen.

Q4. Do adjustable treadmills last long?

Adjustable treadmills are the perfect choice for homes that have less space. Earlier such treadmills compromised on a few features, but nowadays, they are giving hard competition to the non-foldable variety. They are equally sturdy and robust and also last you a lifetime if handled with care.

Q5. What is CHP in treadmills?

CHP stands for Continuous Horse Power. This is the unit in which the output of a treadmill is measured. The more the output, the better it can perform for long stretches. It is always desirable to choose a machine with a high CHP value.


Therefore, choose your treadmill wisely without compromising on your health and also try to keep it within your budget. We have tried to give you a list of the best treadmills available in the market, do your part of the research, and do not forget to let us know if there can be some more addition in the list.

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