Top 10 Best Trekking Bags India

By Trusha Patel

Are you an outdoors enthusiast or planning for your next adventure, your journey is incomplete without a rucksack. You’ll need the best trekking bags India, and we are here to help you with that. 

Whether it’s climbing, trekking, hiking, or just an outdoor expedition, it can’t be carried out without proper accessories to assist you. So in that manner, finding the best hiking backpack becomes essential. As a traveller or trekker, you should have adequate knowledge and insight to decide your trekking partner in the form of a backpack. 

From enough storage to comfort, from looks to sturdiness, etc. are the factors which will determine the best rucksack in India for you. If you’re interested in this journey, then please go through this accumulated list of top picks in this segment. The list will present to you specific qualities, pros, and cons and how our picks compare to each other. 

Let’s make your outdoors experience a pleasant one and make sure you don’t have to go through much trouble. Sit back and enjoy this list of top ten options in the rucksack market.

Top 10 Best Trekking Bags India Reviews

1. Mufubu Presents Get Unbarred 55 LTR Rucksack for Trekking, Hiking with Shoe Compartment (Blue & Black)

  • Unbarred backpack is all about style and comfort.
  • This rucksack is multi-purpose.
  • Mufubu has a separate shoe compartment.
  • There are both small and large pockets for different objects.
  • The product is quite budget-friendly.

Mufubu presents a trekking bag that is indeed unbarred in terms of looks and materials. Mufubu brand’s tagline is that they complement your lifestyle, and their unbarred backpack is sure to compliment your trekking and hiking trips. It has a capacity of claimed 55 litres, which means that it can store all your clothing, accessories, gadgets, and any other stuff. 

That’s not all it when you get a separate shoe compartment for carrying an extra pair of those comfy flip flops or backup shoes. If we talk about the material of the bag, it is made from quality polyester that makes your bag efficient at water-resistance. Now, all your stuff be safe from that rain or splashes midway your journey, and also polyester lasts quite long. 

From it’s durability to the style, the triple colour scheme with graphic quote design in the mid makes it a trendy companion. The comfort is also taken care of with wider straps that divide the weight evenly and don’t trouble your shoulder and back.

2. AmazonBasics Internal Frame (Hardback) Hiking Backpack with Raincover, 75Liters (Black)

  • Elegant and classy looks with plain black is a striking feature.
  • It has a superior storage capacity of 70 plus 5liters additional.
  • The pockets are manifold for various requirements.
  • There is a separate slot for carrying your sleeping bag.
  • The material consists of airflow tech and has lower back support.

AmazonBasics does things right to the basics and then more. This brand has made a reputation for the most simplistic designs with excellent build products. The internal frame backpack is no different, with a high capacity of about seventy-five litres. 

This much capacity makes sure you never run out of storage space for all your stuff and carry even more things like a sleeping bag, side pouch, or shoes in one place.  Let’s talk about build quality and be rest assured as it is made from distinct polyester with superb mash on the bottle pockets and front. 

The simple plain black design strikes a unique look, and you get thick padding in back, straps, and upper resting area. Added lumbar comfort and lower back support is sure to please you. Also, when you combine these features with an additional waterproof rain cover, it becomes a contender for the best hiking backpack.

3. Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack (8903338073864), Large

  • It is one of the best selling rucksacks in India.
  • The Loop has been strengthened for taking on heavy loads.
  • The colours are vibrant and attractive.
  • It has a string loop opening for less hassle.
  • The capacity is around forty-five litres.

Wildcraft may be the most renowned brand in the adventure equipment market. This rucksack from Wildcraft is one of the best selling for several reasons. First of all, you get assured quality of Wildcraft is a superior nylon material with a shine to the fabric. Secondly, the capacity measurements are accurate, and you get a decent space of forty-five litres to store your essentials.   

The bag looks quite sturdy and robust but also is very lightweight. Straps are full, and the back all over has added padding for comfort. The orange and grey colour scheme is sure to catch everyone’s eye. 

There are multi-purpose pockets for all kinds of stuff like gadgets, leads, snacks, etc. The material is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting ruined. These all features, combined with excellent customer service from Wildcraft, makes it a preferred choice for users.

4. POLESTAR XPLORE 55 ltrs Rucksack Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover and Shoe Compartment

  • It is one of the most recommended products.
  • Xplore comes with a separate shoe zip pocket.
  • It has dual mesh pockets.
  • The lower base fabric is distinct and extra sturdy.
  • This backpack is one of the most affordable in the best trekking bags India.

Polestar has grown extraordinarily in the backpacks market in India. The main reason behind this is the products are more user-centric and comes at a fair price. For example, Xplore backpack has most of the features of premium backpacks.

Features that range from extra compartments to a rain cover, from strengthened zips to a robust base, and from a hip design to great fabric, etc. Well, these all features combined with a high capacity of fifty-five litres could cost much, but Polestar offers it all at a very affordable price.

You get some unique features that will help you understand how this bag is most recommended. Those unique features are bigger mesh pockets and a mat holder. If those aren’t enough, you’ll get one of the best in class customer service from Polestar.

5. POLESTAR Hike Camo 44 Ltr Rucksack With Rain Cover For Trekking Hiking Travel Backpack

  • It comes with a top lid design.
  • Hike Camo has a reflector panel for extra security.
  • It comes with dual side pockets for bottles and umbrellas.
  • You get a free rain cover in the separate zipper.
  • You get additional plastic loops for tying your stuff.

Another excellent product from the Polestar is the Hike Camo rucksack. As the name suggests, it comes in a beautiful camo design and integrated handy features. The convenience of this bag is evident by additional features like plastic loops, rain cover pocket, top zipper,  a cover-up lid design, sideways compression straps, and ergonomically comfortable build.

A feature that will undoubtedly delight the users is a reflector panel made of radium. This panel glows in the dark and is a great safety feature during night times and low light conditions. Comfort is also ensured with soft padding instilled in the back and wider straps.

You don’t have to worry about rains during your expedition as the backpack comes with provided rain cover. This rain cover will securely come over your rucksack and protect your things. All these features are available at a very fair price when you buy the Hike Camo rucksack from Polestar.

6. Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Red Rucksack (8903338073857)

  • The exterior material is a strengthened Nylon.
  • The colour scheme is beautiful, with sharp red and black.
  • Backpack is designed to comfort with lightweight components.
  • Wildcraft provides customers with excellent warranty service.
  • Zips and pockets are made from lasting material.

Wildcraft is all over the market when it comes to hiking and trekking gear. This trekking bag is an excellent example of Wildcraft’s superiority over the competition. The trekking and hiking are getting popular day by day, so the options are also getting vast. Wildcraft is providing users every day with excellence In the mix of the superior quality bag with a midrange price.

Users love its colour scheme for a striking blend of red and black. The bag has an approx quantity of forty-five litres. The backpack has a vibrant and shiny finish. Wildcraft takes adequate measures for quality assurance with many tests, so the bag lasts you during all of your hiking trekking and fishing trips, etc.

The backpack is ergonomically designed and looks quite sleek. At last, our verdict is this bag is a right combination of style, comfort, and endurance, which is available at a medium price.

7. Tripole Colonel 80 Litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack, Black

  • It comes with a detachable short backpack.
  • The base of the bag is sturdy and reinforced.
  • The capacity is impressively 80 litres.
  • A user has the option to choose from six unique colours.
  • There is also a bottom space for storing miscellaneous stuff.

Tripole is a brand that is always trying to attain perfection. Now with their colonel rucksack, they deliver what could be the best rucksack in India. The reason behind such high praises includes a reliable and robust design and ergonomics which make this bag much comfortable for it’s higher capacity. Talking about its size, you get a vast 80 litres storage capacity for easily carrying all your stuff around.

Also, there is another aspect to this capacity, which is a twelve-litres detachable bag. This bag can be used as a daytime companion when you put your stuff in one place and just need to carry essentials. Tripole comes with an excellent waterproof rain cover for protection. 

You get pockets on top, bottom, and side so you can easily access all your stuff. This mammoth in the rucksack market is backed by a tremendous three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

8. Hyper Adam 65 L Travel Backpack for Outdoor Sport Hiking Trekking Bag Camping Rucksack Rucksack - 65 L

  • Hyper Adam backpack has combined comfort with a higher capacity.
  • It is made for multi-purpose use.
  • It is trendy with leek design and attractive front colours and a quote.
  • The lower back strap is nicely padded and has zippers.
  • You can make use of an integrated shoe compartment.

Hyper adam is a brand that always tends to excite its users. Now another exciting product from them is the sixty fiver Liters hiking backpack. The outstanding quality is the style it adds to your travel accessories. You get a unique look with quoted design and distinct colours. 

The capacity is on the higher side with sixty-five litres, but it doesn’t mean it’s much heavy. In contrast, this bag is quite lightweight and comfortable because of the added padding. The hip strap is also padded with soft cushion and has extra zippers for storing quick items. 

Hyper Adams claims it is a multi-purpose bag that can be used in hiking, trekking, backpacking, touring and fishing, etc. This bag also seems to be very sleek and doesn’t feel overstuffed when used to its full capacity.

9. Impulse Mountains - 55 L Water Resistant Rucksack Hiking Backpack/Bag for Trekking/Camping/Travel/Outdoor Sport( Blue&Black)

  • This bag is made with lightweight fabric.
  • You get dimensional mesh in the back for better airflow.
  • The hood design on top comes with an extra zipper.
  • Impulse provides a one-year manufacturer warranty for its customers.
  • The hanger loop in the middle is tested and can bear a heavy load.

Impulse is a brand that is grown so vastly and sells many ranges of the best trekking bags India. Whether it’s a budget range of premium ones, you would find a product from Impulse in every variety. So when we talk specifically about Mt Calling Rucksack, which is a mid-range high-performance rucksack from Impulse. We get to see a lightweight backpack with robust zippers and comfortable straps.

Also, Impulse impresses you with the three-dimensional airflow mesh in the back. This mesh ensures excellent ventilation during prolonged use. You get the adjustable strap buckles in the bottom for fitting and carrying comfort. 

Another feature providing appropriate posture is a compression strap on each side. Impulse offers a one-year manufacturer warranty for any damage during use and defects. The most impressive fact is you get all these features at one of the most affordable prices in the market.

10. Novex Rucksacks Voyage Hiking Bag (Grey)

  • It is made with a superb quality polyester fabric.
  • You get an ideal capacity of fifty litres of storage space.
  • The straps are adjustable for every user’s comfort.
  • It has a top cover-up opening and secure management.
  • You get two side zippers just near your shoulders for easy access.

Novex goes on the traditional side with its voyage hiking bag. Classic dual-coloured looks with ever-trusted polyester make it a popular choice in this segment. Design is balanced yet straightforward, so the dual-coloured material compliments bright zippers. 

Top opening is also secure and makes sure your stuff remains intact. You can enjoy the capacity of up to fifty litres in this backpack. The straps are sturdy and designed to be adjusted as the user requires. Novex doesn’t shy away from innovation and has provided a tremendous amount of mesh in the backside. 

The bottom houses extra compartments and side mesh pockets for bottles and umbrellas. Just above these, you get larger zipper pockets that have a good reach for the user. Finished with shiny material and discounted price combined with the features make it a deserving contender for the title of the best hiking backpack.

Now when you have gone through our extensive comparison and description of the picks in the segment, you have a basic idea of terrific rucksacks.


Our verdict would be that a user should decide what storage capacity is required, and then he can go for the best option for that capacity. Our pick for the 45 litres is the Wildcraft, and for Midsize is the Novex, and for the higher storage, you can go for AmazonBasics or Colonel.

But as a user, you may have many more choices and queries. The marketplace is vast and quite competitive. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity.

So if a user wants to explore the market and then decide which is the best choice for him, they would need some kind of guidance. Well, don’t worry as we have got you covered up with our research mad buying guide taking you to your dream product. We request you to go through it.

Buying Guide For Best Trekking Bags India:

Getting the Best trekking bags India

Today’s world is advanced and hurrying so rapidly that you see advancements every day. When we are on such a continuous path of progress, it might be challenging to keep track of every new improvement.

So as a user, you need not worry because here in this guide, we will provide the significant features and key points of a trekking bag. Also, we will guide you with some extra tips so that the choice you make will remain the best for you.

So let’s start with the main features of a hiking bag or a rucksack.

Things To Consider:

The reason behind every user has a different outlook for his backpack, and the best choice is these things. These critical points control a user’s preference, and here they’re discussed in detail.


Any baggage item exits only for carrying your stuff around efficiently in one place. Whether it’s a rucksack or any other item, your eye will go on the numbers or outlook judging how much of your stuff it can store. So it is not rocket science that a user would require rucksack for longer trips or expedition. 

But rucksacks also vary in size starting from forty-five litres and going up to ninety to ninety-five litres. This litre capacity is calculated via dimensions that a manufacturer provides. So keep in mind that the size is not a hard and fast number and you should judge by aspects of the bag that how much stuff can be stored into it. 

Another thing that effects storage size is how long your trip is going to be. If it’s a two or three-day trip, a regular bag or entry-level rucksack is enough. But if you’re going on those long treks, then go for bigger size options.

Looks And Build:

The title contains both looks and the build. It is so because you should go for a balance of them. There would be many options in the market that look attractive and trendy but doesn’t hold much when it comes to quality. So the thing to keep in mind first is the fabric quality. Most of the bags are while made from either nylon or polyester. Go for polyester bags that have a decent quality polyester, so it comes with a bit of water and tear-resistance.

Now, if we talk about looks, they can be well balanced with quality if we go into some mid-range to premium options. Also, the colour scheme should be appropriate, so it doesn’t look faded over time.

Last but not least is the base material. The base is what comes in contact with the land and holds the weight. So a reinforced base material means a longer life for your hiking backpack.


What is the use of a massive rucksack at slashed prices when it can’t even take you through a day of trekking. Many options in the market are such that offer enticing features but forget to ensure the comfort of carrying the bag around. Main points which increase the ease of carrying a trekking bag are these.

  • Panel For Back Support – This is a feature of premium range products and makes sure a user doesn’t hurt his back while carrying the load in their bag. It is an inseam hard panel to keep your back straight and give it well deserved support. 
  • Extra Padding With Airmesh-  We know that more padding means more soft materials and more comfort. But when we carry our trekking bags and do a physical activity, the sweat and heat are all over us. So for that padding with a good mesh is preferable that allows greater airflow and ventilation.
  • Broad Straps – This aspect of a bag is crucial as you divide and carry all the weight on your shoulder via these straps. If straps aren’t wide enough or don’t have proper cushioning, your hiking experience becomes a painful one.

So comfort must be taken care of by a brand when they claim to produce the best rucksack in India.

Additional Rain Cover And Pockets:

Most of the brands claim to have a water-resistant fabric, but not all brands provide correct water resistance only in build. So for that, you’ll need an additional rain cover that can protect your precious belongings from harsh weather and high waters. Most of the popular brands in their midrange and premium products provide a rain cover. So look for a bag with rain cover.

Some manufacturers provide separate pockets and compartments for shoes, bottles, umbrellas, and mats, etc. These little things add a highlight to the product and give them an edge over the competition. As a user looking for a bag which has all the necessary compartments, then you can prefer the extra ones.

Security and Fit:

Your belongings are precious and should remain intact even when you’re not looking of diverted. For this, most of the rucksacks are designed with a cover-up top. Also, you should keep in mind whether your backpack has lockable zips and sturdy straps. Some premium rucksacks come with a dual-layer for theft protection.

Fitting of a hiking bag shouldn’t annoy a user. For this reason, there are buckles and side straps for a steady posture of the backpack.

It is advisable to go for a secure bag and lock your zips and stuff.

Buttons, Clips, and Buckles:

The extra plastic bit or that swinging buckle is not there for the aesthetics and account to a great utility. These buckles, belts, and hooks, etc. are used for tieing your shoes, sticks, and mats, etc.


This bit may be the last thing on the list, but it may be the deciding factor at the end of the day. There is no sense in comprising the quality in place of money. But there are also so many options so where to put your money?  Most comfortably, the answer to that question is to decide the size and quality you want, and then you can surely find a the best hiking backpack for you at a reasonable price. Two main reasons behind that are, firstly, Indian markets are so competitive, and secondly, a higher rate doesn’t always translate to higher quality.

Some tips to take care of your rucksack:

  • Always read user reviews and consider recommendations while buying a backpack.
  • When purchasing a bag, look for correct dimensions and be sure of its capacity.
  • Look for adequate warranty and go for minimum one to two-year warranty options.
  • When you own a trekking bag, wash and clean it at required times and take care of its zippers and locks.
  • Follow the guidelines and directions in the documentation and don’t disobey them for an intact warranty.
  • Don’t overstuff your backpack as it may get torn or lost its form.
  • When not using the bag, don’t fully empty it and keep a bit of stuffing in it to maintain its posture.

Still, some users may have doubts, and for them, here are frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1 What is the difference between trekking bags and traditional bags?

Well, trekking or hiking are such physical activities that might test a user’s endurance, but it will also examine the persistence of a user’s accessories too. Thus traditional bags aren’t designed with higher capacity, long comfort, and additional features like back support, compartments, etc. So you’ll need a superior companion for those rough trips. You can find the best trekking bags India in this article.

Q2 Which are some of the famous brands for getting the best rucksack in India?

In recent times many sports equipment brands like North Face, Wildcraft has emerged. Also, there are household names like Fastrack, Aristocrat, Polestar, etc. Then there are specifically outdoor equipment brands like the Impulse, Mufubu, Quechua, etc.

Q3 What is the meaning of rucksack?

Rucksack word comes from German Rucken and Sack, meaning a back bag. So the name rucksack means a backpack with straps carried on the back.

Q4 Are rucksacks too expensive?

Well, it depends on the number of factors like capacity, builds quality, materials and brand value, etc. But when you look at a rucksack as a unit that carries loads of stuff securely and gives you comfort, they don’t seem too expensive. The modern-day rucksack market is so cutthroat that you can get a decent backpack for a reasonably affordable price.

Q5 Which is the best hiking backpack?

Answer to this question depends majorly on what is the requirement of a user, and according to that requirement, what is the budget. Although quality should be the preference, a mixed choice of quality, price, and warranty will lead you to the best backpack for you. You can look for one of the options from the list given in this article.


At the end of the day, an excellent trekking bag means a great outdoors experience. When your companion is best in class, you get confident and feel comfortable while embarking on new adventures. 

This article was an effort to get you to your dream hiking bag and meanwhile provide you with some insight about rucksacks. Like many journeys to come, we hope you liked this tour through the trekking and hiking backpack segment today and now ready to make your choice.

We hope that you liked our guide and top picks that we carefully compiled together for helping you in finding the best rucksack in India.  

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