10 Best Trimmer in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Gone are the days when women were leading in the grooming market. Nowadays, you can see an array of men grooming products, and the market has exploded about $23 million this year. You can imagine the urge to have a trimmer as your essential bathroom gadget. 

There are options of a cost-effective single functioning trimmer and some claim to sprouting all over your body. Their loads of trimmers are vying as per your earned cash each one offers a whole new range of models. Some are shavers cum trimmers while others serve for tidying up from facial hair to sensitive body parts. 

The best looking beard does not appear overnight magically. Instead, they are fashioned and need regular trimming. We have concentrated on items that are efficient for bear styling. Readout detail review and guide about best trimmer in India

Best Trimmer In India 2021

1. Philips BT7501/15 Cordless & Corded Men Beard Trimmer

  • Less mess vacuum trimmer
  • Self Sharpening blades
  • Vacuum system
  • Sixty minutes of use while charging for 1 hour.
  • 0.5 mm precision settings.
  • Corded and cordless use
  • Zoom wheel for accessible adjustable length settings

The Philips Series 7000 is the answer for those who are facing difficulties in sculpting your beard. Philips is well known for delivering perfect symmetry and stylish results every time. The series offers ness fee trim thanks to its technology of improved airflow. 

The powerful vacuum apprehends up to 95% of cut hair, offering you a mess-free trim every time. It is run about 60 min once when fully charged for 10 hours with cordless use or simply plugin. Its quick charge function allows you to trim your beard in either style just after 5 minutes of charging.

It is equipped with 20 lock-in length settings so you can simply trim as per the length of your beard. Depending on what you need, you can lock and trim between 0.5, 10 mm with precision. 

The equipment comes with a stainless steel blade that is self-sharpening. It sharpens themselves just by brushing against each other. It doesn’t get dull even in years and excludes irritating and tugging associated with trimming. There is no replacement, or oiling is needed for your trimmer throughout a lifetime. 

You can trim your stubble in just one stroke with Innovative Life and Trim Pro system. There is a small LED screen that can notify about the battery charge so you can fully recharge before you go for the next shave. 

Another highlight of the model is that it is just perfect for giving a fantastic performance. You can trim from the thickest stubble without worrying about getting issues in the blade. It only performs the job entirely or shaving and trimming for all beard types. 

Overall  – The equipment is best in performance. It is one of the best trimmer in India that can be used as corded and cordless as per the trimming options. Within one hour of charge, it can go a long way of 60 minutes of continuous operation. With multiple trimming options, you can get the perfect shape of a beard. 

2. Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All in One Men Beard Trimmer

  • Stainless steel
  • 0.5 – 10mm setting blades
  • 180 minutes run time battery
  • Four length settings
  • Blades included – T Wide Blade, dual foil shaver, standard trimmer
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • 2x torque

Men will be men; they will not store two different grooming appliances for them. Wahl came with the invention of Lithium Ion All in One trimmer that would satisfy well-groomed needs and requirements to stay functional. The trimmer is a shaver, as well as a trimmer for facial, body, or scalp hair. 

The lithium-ion battery allows us to charge faster and weigh less compared to other types of cells. Its quick charge for touch-ups is the most prominent feature; also, you can charge fully in one hour for experimenting with different styles. 

The blades are designed for smooth shaving. Whether you want a super clean look, beautiful hair, or straight-line trimming, all could be done with Wahl. Dual foil shaver stainless steel blades are better compared to rotary shaver as it offers quicker, precise, and closer shave. The other blades are designed for trimming sideburns around the beard and neckline. 

The T shape blade is best for trimming stray hair, which is annoying around the ears. The attachments are waterproof and can be cleaned easily. All you need is to rinse them under the faucet simply. 

When speaking of performance, the charger does not trail behind in the competition. The device is built with high quality smooth and round tips blade that gives you close trim without irritation or any problem. 

Overall – Wahl has been in the industry for decades. The decide compact dimension and design can give you a clean and subtle shave. It is convenient to carry around and handy if you are a frequent traveler.  It is considered as the best trimmer for men in India with a good option in the price range. 

3. Braun MGK3060-8-in-One Multi Grooming Trimmer Kit

  • This multi trimmer contains four combs covering 13 previsions (0.5-21mm)
  • 40minutes of precision, 10-hour charge.
  • Lifetime long-lasting sharp blade.
  • Under running water, it fully washable head and comb.
  • It has Gillette fusion ProGlide razor with flexible technology.
  • Including two years warranty.

If you are considering for an accessory that offers a one-stop solution for men’s grooming needs, then Braun is efficient in its job. The ergonomic appearance makes it easy to handle complete grooming needs. The stainless steel blades can run long without any rusting issues. 

The appliance is built with four blades, attachments, oil, charging cord, and instructions book. The grooming kit includes a powerful trimmer with seven different accessories to overcome facial adventures. 

The combs are included with 13 different precision length settings along with fixed length combs, a clipper comb, and separate accessory for ear and nose hair trimming. There is a Gillette Flexball blade if you want a clean shave or want to adopt various styles without frequent visits to the stylist.

 It is an actually convenient feature as you never get an old fashioned shave with this electric device — no tugging or pulling hairs even with long hair 21mm.

The trimmer is capable of offering precise and detailed shaved. The battery is powerful compared to most of the trimmers in this price range. You can run for 60 minutes while charging for 8 hours. The LED charging indicator ensures that you never run of battery while trimming. You can charge it up overnight and get ready for tomorrow morning. 

You can simply clean the trimmer by washing it under the faucet. It has self-sharpening blades that do not require any lubrication. 

Overall – The Braun MGK3060 is a product worth your value and attention. There are numerous feature with seven different accessories. The Gillette Fusion Razor acts as a benefit that will prove to be a lifesaver for clean-shaven.

It includes – Trimmer, detail trimmer attachment, nose and ear attachment, four combs with 13 precision lengths. 

4. Philips QT4011/15 20 length settings Titanium blade Beard Trimmer

  • Titanium coating blade
  • Range of trimming is:0.5-10mm
  • 21 length setting
  • In one hour charging, cordless use for 90 minutes
  • Long-lasting performance along with a one year warranty.
  • Low light LED screen battery indicator.

The trimmer is the most affordable model and certainly best in performance. Being simple in design and features, it has everything you need for a basic trimmer. The trimmer can serve the purpose of full beard, thick stubbles, general shadow look, or light stubble.

The curved and sturdy plastic overall makes the product easy to handle and helps to hold the right position of a trimmer on the face. The body is comprised of ABS plastic and stainless steel blades. The length dial allows you to change and set as per your beard. 

There is a trimming comb attached to it, which serves essential functions while trimming. While trimming, you do not need to carry a comb, as the comb connect helps keep the hair straight for ease of cutting. Also, with height adjustment function, you can set the guards as per the length and thickness. 

The LED light signifies about the battery and charging status. Orange means low battery, green about battery charging, and green steady about charging complete. It is internal and not user-removable batteries included. With multiple voltage ranges, you can go around the world without worries. 

Sixty minutes of charging can run 90 minutes of trimmer. The product is precise and supports 27 different length settings increasing from 0.5 to 10 mm. The blades are strong, durable, sharp, and accurate in their terms. The self-sharpening titanium blades give you an extra boost with this trimmer.

The trimmer blades can handle almost every skin type as they are built with rounded tips. The rounded tips blades give smooth and spectacular results while trimming. 

The product includes a travelling pouch, charging cord, trimmer, warranty statement, and instruction guide. 

Overall  – Philips has been delivering products right to value and has gained millions of consumer’s trust. With titanium coating stainless steel blades, the product can provide excellent results for removing unwanted hair. 

5. Panasonic ER-207Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer

  • Japanese blade technology
  • Cordless Battery run time 40 min
  • 13 different length setting
  • Washable stainless steel blades with adjustable length of 0.5-18mm

We were skeptical about Panasonic trimmer at first, but since we tested and got used to it, the appliances become one of the favorite tools for men. You don’t need multiple comb attachments for the trimmer, and you can quickly turn the dial and adjust the comb as per the length settings from 0.2 to 1.8 cm. 

The high performance precise stainless steel blade are efficient in their job. Maintaining and cleaning are so comfortable, all you need is to run under the water to remove residual hair. Only blades are waterproof; the body cannot withstand water. 

You can quickly charge for 12 hours and giving you access to 40 minutes of usage. There is an indicator lamp included for notifying you about the charging function. The ergonomic design is sturdy and easy to handle. The portable piece works on corded as well as de corded functions. 

Stainless steel blades provide optimum quality shaving as per the length and style of your shave.

Overall  – Panasonic is known for its innovation. The function built inside these trimmer can help you deal with busy mornings. The ergonomic design does not compromise on comfort and trimming jobs.

6. Ustraa CHROME 300 Stainless Steel Blade Beard Trimmer

  • LED Panel display
  • Quick charging with 120 minutes runtime.
  • T-Blade Design blades
  • Low noise motor and efficient
  • Self Sharpening stainless steel blade
  • 0mm to 4mm precision setting.
  • Sleek body with comb lock-in settings

Don’t get persuaded by the trimmer looks, instead invest in next-level beard trimmer Ustraa Chrome 300. The brand is recent in the market and gains popularity for delivering the men’s grooming products. Beyond intense competition in the market from various brands Philips, Syska, Nova, and many others, the brand has gained its space due to amazing products. 

The product is equipped with Li-Ion Battery, which is an advantage for the user. The equipment would satisfy all your grooming needs by running 90-120 minutes just by charging for 60 minutes. 

The titanium layer T-shaped blades and superior comb lock would make sure that you get perfect trim on every occasion. You can adjust four different length settings available from 1mm to 4mm while for a clean shaving look, remove the comb. 

Whether you are a frequent traveler or home-based person, corded as well as cordless functions are supported by it, the blades are titanium coated stainless steel blades. The blades can be sharpened itself, so you don’t need to go out for sharpening every time. 

The sturdy and robust ABS plastic combs ensure that you do not vibrate and deliver smooth, unanswering, and tangle-free experience. The took ideal shape for weight distribution to gives you superior hold and manoeuvrability while you shape your facial hair. 

The trimmer blades are the round shape and friendly for skin. The blades are sharp enough and active to prevent skin irritation. The product is a long-lasting beard trimmer enough and considered as the best trimmer for men in India

Overall  – The product is titanium coated with a self-sharpening steel blade with T-Shape for better coverage. The sturdy ABS combination does not shake and give you precise smooth, consistent, and gives it tangle-free trim. 

7. Philips BT3211/15 20 lock System rechargeable Beard Trimmer

  • 60 minutes charge, cordless use for 10hours
  • 20 different lock setting with 0.5-10mm precision
  • Easy to use cordless
  • When empty battery light indicates
  • Smooth trimming, lifts and cuts 30% faster than any other.
  • Efficient performance with a year warranty.

Those are looking for an efficient trimmer but do not want to overpay for extra things, then Philips BT 3211 is right for you. If you are a new buyer and do not want to invest much, then you can consider this variant option. 

The product is designed to give you the best styles of grooming every time. The series offers an innovative solution of life, and trim gives you the freedom to trim the hair with proper guidance and without paying a lot of effort. The comb lift the hair and guides the hair to trim as per the level of blades. 

The product is empowered with Dura Power technology that reduces the friction on the blade and protects the motor and battery from putting pressure on it. This technology improves the battery life of your trimmer, which is increased four times.

The ergonomic design of the blade has rounded tips to have smooth contact with your skin while trimming. The powerful beard trimmer is efficient in giving you smooth and safe trim every time. The stainless steel is strong and durable, which can trim even the thickest beard without any problem.

The steel blades have the ability of self-sharpening as they sharpen themselves as you trim so you can get comfortable and precise experience every time. They can be easily detached and clean underwater after use. The body is not water-resistant. 

The zoom wheels allow you to adjust the 20 hair cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 10mm. Choosing the length while trimming can be accessible using your thumb in a similar way as you focus on a camera lens. 

Overall  – If you want a trimmer with a flagship of Philips that can be used corded as well as cordless, then Series 3000 is for you. It might be the best choice, though it would have some negatives overall we give it a good rating for its precision and accurate trimming needs.

8. Ustraa BLACK 200 Stainless Steel Blade Beard Trimmer

  • Blades are of T shape with titanium
  • ABS combs that not vibrate, better comb.
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Its matte black finish and a rubber grip gives perfect to handle and trim
  • efficiently and effectively.
  • Corded and Cordless usage

The plenty of features of Ustraa Black makes it one of the best trimmer in India.

The lithium-ion battery is powerful and gives you the next level of trimming experience with minimal discharge. The battery needs to be 60 minutes to fully charged, and then you can use up to 90-120 minutes device for your trimming needs. In case if the battery drops in between, you can finish trimming by plugging the cord. 

The Strong ABS combs can guide you while trimming. It does not shake (vibrate) and locks precisely to give smooth, consistent, and fuss-free trim. The T-shaped blades can perform precise cutting without snagging. It covers most of the areas compared to round blades. 

The trimmers are exceptionally well and easy to guide with its rubbery texture feel reassuring grippy. It feels very comfortable while shaving due to its plastic teeth comb and design. The blades can handle tangle-free trimming with different lengths of 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. 

A comb lock technology holds the comb firmly in place when trimming. It gives completed close trim without preventing hair pulls or snagging your beard. 

Overall  – It is the best trimmer to maintain all your grooming standards. The titanium coated stainless steel blades allow for trimming large section of the beard. The blades are designed with T Shaped that keeps skin safe without irritation. The lithium-ion battery is practical and easy to charge. With different lengths, Ustraa can perform 2,3 and 4mm as per your requirement. 

9. Mi 40 length settings Waterproof Beard Trimmer

  • 40 length settings with 2 combs
  • Waterproof body, easy to clean
  • 90 minutes of cordless usage charging for 2 hours
  • Safety lock

The beard trimmer is minimal and understated. The product comes with a high quality and premium look as per the price structure. MI trimmers are top in functionality as per the other price options in the market. It carries all the things you will need in a trimmer, whether it be premium looks or body. 

The stainless steel sturdy and rustproof blades can give 0.5mm precision. The blades persist sharp for a long time as their ability to sharpen themselves by rubbing against each other. You can always rely on the equipment for its superb precision and hassle-free trimming experience. 

Xiaomi claims to give the trimmer charge for 2 hours and run for 90 minutes. Also, the charger can satisfy your immediate charging needs by charging quickly for 5 minutes and could be used for 10 minutes. 

MI beard trimmer is efficient for trimming a beard, necklines, stubble, and much more credit goes to its blade. The blades can be easily adjusted with 40 lengths; you can quickly achieve the desired beard or mustache length.

 Plus, the dial on the body of trimmer ensures all is done with hustle free operation and quickly adjusting while trimming. 

Overall  – MI has been delivering smart technology tools in the market. With 40 length settings that can handle between 0.5mm to 20mm, the trimmer is straightforward for sculpting your beard. It delivers accurate cuts by rotating 6000 oscillations per min. 

When in a rush, use a corded or cordless function of trimming.

10. Nova NHT-1020 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

  • High grade stainless steel
  • Trimming length from 0.5mm to 10mm
  • Battery runtime 30 minutes
  • 5 length settings
  • Titanium coated blades

Nova brand does not need a lengthy introduction when serving the needs of a beard trimmer. The trimmer is available as a rechargeable cordless as well as a corded function device. The trimmer comes as a high precision trimmer range with washable attachments. 

The tool is one of the favorite grooming tools. It is a hybrid trimmer that is efficient in dealing with closer trimming needs. Its lightweight and the blades are offers undoubtedly closer shave though it is not as good as shaver as trimmer it is powerful too. 

The titanium stainless steel blades and the floating head is suitable for cleaning the edges. The electronic locking system allows the trimmer to a security guard in place, so there are no possibilities of slipping during use. 

The blades can handle four adjustable length settings with a trimming range of 25mm to 9mm. The blades have a self-sharpening ability to give precise and comfortable trimming experience. 

Overall  – The beard trimmer is skin-friendly and does not cause any itchiness while trimming the beard around. The Nova trimmer comes with a four-length setting model for neat and clean in no time. The trimmer is ergonomically designed to achieve the result comfortably. 

Best Trimmer Buying Guide

How to choose the best trimmer?

We understand that when choosing a trimmer can be a headache, especially when there is an array of range, features, and functioning of different brands. Whether you are the proud wearer of a beard or light shave lover, every man needs a beard trimmer in his arsenal. 

Trimmers have become mainstream, like piercing and wallets for men. There is an entire range of products produced to serve the demand of thin, trim, or removing hair from facia, chest, or other parts of the body instead of your regular razor. 

To find the best trimmer for men in India, you need to understand some of the aspects and factors. 

Be clear about what you want to get from your device.

Best trimmer for men in India are specialized body grooming products that can serve your need for trimming and shaving. For grooming, you should be assured if you want to shave your body hair or wish to cut it.

The shaving works with a foil shaver or with a blade. The foil shaver is safe but will not be close to your skin, but manual razors will get close, and you need to be extra careful when using on sensitive areas. Beyond this, there is laser technology that can remove your hair permanently. 

Just trimming 

If you are not looking for a product that shaves completely smooth but only works the primary function of cutting, then there are trimmers designed for the purpose. 

Choosing the best beard trimmer

By keeping various criteria above in mind, you can narrow down a selection of best trimmer for men in India quickly. To ensure you buy the best, you should peek in detail about the models you are considering to buy. Here are some of the essential topics you should seek,

What is it made from?

The trimmer should not only be a stylish and highly reputable brand. You must inspect the quality materials as well as construction. It will help you know if the be durable for the long haul or is it worth to invest. We recommend you to buy the trimmer made of stainless steel. 

Wire or cordless model

If you are a frequent traveler and you need a trimmer, then cordless beard might be the best way to go. On the other hand, if infinite battery along with higher horsepower is your priority, then corded alternatives can satisfy your demands.

What are my grooming demands?

If you are frequent beard trimmer after a shower, then you should go with wet trimmers that are intended for the purpose. If you trim before the shower, there is one designed for dry trimming that serves you better. 

If you are the one who looks and mirror and feels now it’s time to clear the extra mess off, then you can switch between the modes and choose as per your preference. 

How long I like my facial hair?

Best trimmer in India are designed to serve the purpose of different length settings. Some are designed to shape your beard while others help the functionality of short and neatly trimmed. The product you choose makes sure it is conducive to your needs.

Do I need extra features?

The primary trimmer does not come with extra functionality and features. While if you choose a higher option, then there are brands that provide additional attachments and enhanced features.If you find these features hold valuable place and are essential to you, now or in the future, then go for a model that is compatible with your needs. 

If you are a simple person who does not need extra functioning, then don’t go for accessories that can cost you up. 

How to Use a Beard Trimmer?

If you are a new user, using a professional trimmer might be an intimidating or difficult task. But once you are aware of its functions and how to use them, you won’t find it as difficult as it seems. It is quite a simple job. 

Let’s walk through the process of using a professional trimmer. 

A trimmer is an invaluable part of a grooming kit. A trimmer can deduct the extra mess on your beard, making it look intentional and appealing. If you are not aware of the fact, look at some of the videos of a red carpet. You would find everyone with a well precise cut beard with some style. 

Trimmers can serve the purpose if used well with the blades. 

Research well about the trimmers 

There are different types of range, price, and functionality of trimmers. Understanding the concept would give you enough power to either shave or trim your beard. Read the manual provided with your model. 

Trimmers with different functionality 

Some beard trimmers are limited to length settings and are built with a vacuum feature that helps in cleaning up. Whether you want to shave entirely or give shape to your beard, choose the blade accordingly. If you want your beard to be fuller, then go with a three-guard setting trimmer that will work great. 

While in some cases, you can use just blade or razor heads for your beard. If you are seeking for some particular facial hairstyle like a chinstrap, goatee, then you might need a trimmer that allows you to swap out your traditional head with small sets to get more precise results. 

Add oil

Add a few droplets of oil on the blade to run the trimmer. Turn on the clippers so the moving blade can saturate the oil. Run for 20 seconds. 

Start Shaving 

Start to shave with long ones before and finish with short ones. If you are seeking for trimming down your sizeable beard, then start with 3 number guard comb. Point the blade up and shave upwards opposite the grain. Place the flat part along your face to get the desired results. 

Once you are done with your face and neck, trim your neck area. For shorter styles, you can remove the guard and face the entire face with blades on your trimmer heads. If needed, you can repeat the process until it reached you achieve a satisfying level. 

Clean your guards and trimmer

If there are guards on a trimmer, remove them and rinse with soap and water. Grab the brush available with your trimmer and remove the clipper head from the handle. Brush away all unwanted hair that is jammed in the trimmer. 

Don’t run trimmer underwater, until and unless it is waterproof. It can break trimmer and rust blades. 

How to trim your mustache?

Moustache area is delicate; you have to be extra careful while trimming it. The first step of trimming your mustache has enough hair around the lip area to justify the cutting or trimming. Allow the hair entirely cover the upper lip. 

Once you have enough hair, go ahead with trimming, and pruning your creation. Remember, a mustache delivers the right balance of manliness and sophisticated look you are seeking for. Do not cut it too short or too long that it covers your lips. 

There are thousands of styles as per your face. Once you are assured about the form, start combing mustache hair downwards in a direction which it grows until it looks clean and tidy. 

  • Define your upper lips by trimming the ends first. 
  • The purpose of trimming is to give it a better shape without going much higher up. Use precision blades for this. If your trimmer has extra accessories for a mustache, then you can do it more accurately. 
  • If you do not have trimmer accessories, then go with the narrowest blade you have. Use your comb to lift a small portion of hair with the help of teeth of a comb. Trim it with a trimmer. Start from ends on one side and repeat the process in another direction. 
  • Once both sides are balanced, your mustache would look groomed now. 
  • Use trimmer on top and side of mustache only cut a bit at a time to avoid any mistakes. 
  • You can decide the angle of mustache you want to pursue. 
  • Finally, comb evenly through mustache so that if any long hairs were overlooked could be trimmed. 
  • Use the styling products, and you are set to show off the world. 

Tip – Do not use cheap combs made with cheap plastic. These combs have sharp and jagged edges that could cut and tear your mustache while combing. As per your hair density, choose the right tooth comb. 

For the hearty and thick beard, use a wider comb. While if you have thinner and more delicate, then use a small tooth comb. 

How to Trim Goatee?

A goatee is a facial hairstyle that joins the chin bear along with a moustache. Long ago, this style was connected with Billy goat as they have those kinds of beards. But later things evolved, and man adopted this style frequently. 

Before you undergo the trimming procedure, ensure that you have selected the right style which you want to achieve. To ease the process, let’s look at it: 

Understand the shape of your face

  • Choose the appearance before you start trimming as per your face shape. 
  • Shape or trim the style as per the selected method.
  • Keep it clean and maintain regularly using appropriate care products. 

How to trim?

Trimming goatee is not as easy as you would consider it. There are several steps you need to follow to ensure the process is smooth. Make sure you have all the requisite instruments like scissors, blade, trimmer, and comb. You must also owe beard products like beard oil. 

  • Nurture your beard correctly for a week, so it is substantially long enough to be ready for trimmed.
  • Comb the beard frequently to avoid curls, and it would be easy to trim the beard as per the length of your choice. 
  • Once you are assured about size and shape, you should go ahead and start trimming. 
  • First, define the outline of your goatee. 
  • Repeat the process all around with trimmer. 
  • Once you have outlines the full area, then you can go ahead and trim it. Don’t forget to be in front of a mirror while doing it. 
  • Clean your face with warm water and pat dry.
  • Comb it and use any styling product if you want.

Criteria to examine when determining the best beard trimmer

There are numerous beard trimmer options available for you to believe in the market, but not all are equal. To find one right for you and can withstand all the needs you have researched well. A trimmer should offer you to emerge from your morning to complete grooming routine, including the necessary epitome of manliness.

But do not fear, we have worked hard and spent hours on our research. We have shortlisted some criteria to look into different types of facial hair trimmers. 

We agree that choosing the best trimmer in India can be a difficult task. Beyond price and brand, there are many other factors that you should keep into consideration. 


It is one of the significant determinants to keep an eye on. After all, you need a trimmer that can go for a long time; it should not break after a few uses. Try and look for a trimmer that will serve you for a long time. 

Some qualities when you look in a trimmer, you should look for high-quality build and construction. It includes models that are comprised of stainless steel, and that is well built with robust grip control. 

Stainless steel is sturdy and is included in higher-tier models; it can withstand more challenging without cracking. 

Wired or Wireless beard trimmer

If you require a device that is easy to use in the bathroom where you can conduct your grooming routine, then a model that requires a cord that serves well. But it could limit your navigating around when trimming and grooming the beard. 

If you want a device that is portable and convenient for trimming, the wireless models can be suited as per your preferences and lifestyle. Both trimmers have different horsepower and benefits you get from both trimmers. 

At the conclusion of the story, the decision is entirely on you. 

Dry vs. Wet Trimming 

Some beard trimmers are manufactured and built for dry trimming while others are for wet trimming. As per your demand to trim in the mornings, you should choose the products that best corresponds to your style. 

If you are an irregular user and you want a device that can complement your unpredictability, then you can choose the models that can switch back and forth. 


As per the length of the beard, you have to choose the trimmer. The best trimmer for men in India should have enough accessories and the correct size of the comb as per your beard. The smaller comb is used for a finer beard that gives an almost clean shave.

The trimmer that has multiple options of comb length can work best for everyone. No matter the type of length, your trimmer should have accessories available for all beards. A trimmer that is versatile in all preferences is the best way to go. 


There are extra features that you might want to have in your beard trimmer. If you are looking for primary mode, then this factor is not much of your concern. There are pop-up ear trimmers, nose trimmers, turbo trimming mode, etc. that help to opt for a final decision on which you want to purchase a model. 

As you can see, different types of trimmers are available with various quality and functionality that overall affect their capabilities. 

Battery Life 

If you are among the crowd to choose cordless trimmer due to its ease of use while traveling, you should ensure that their batteries last long enough. The charging time is different for all the models and brands. There is some brand that supports fast charging with Li-Ion battery. 

What will be used of a cordless trimmer, if its battery dies soon and you won’t be able to complete the job? 


Though it is called beard trimmer for some special reason, it can support multiple functionalities. A trimmer serves the purpose of trimming body or legs hair. There are other accessories included for the body, head, and legs. 


There are different types of the blade as per their durability or sharpness. Carbon steel blades are considered sharps choice, but they can rust quickly compared to other options. For the trimmers that are used in the bathroom always, carbon steel blades are not a good option. 

Stainless steel is a sturdy metal that can work even in thicker hair growth conditions. The most premium option is available with titanium coated carbon steel. It offers more durability and sturdiness and can withstand weather conditions. 

There are ceramic blades that offer premium quality with extra durability but are fragile if not too care correctly. They are prone to break. 

Interchangeable beard guard vs. single guard.

You need to ask yourself whether you need an interchangeable or adjustable guard. An adjustable guard allows you the flexibility to trim without changing guard whenever you want to cut your beard at different lengths. 

If you change the beard guard, you don’t have to use a beard trimmer solely for your beard. The changeable beard guards give you a possibility to trim to ears or nose. Without the help of an adjustable guard, you will not be able to do it. 

This functionality is essential when you want to groom more than just your beard. 


Some are essential for grooming regimens, while others serve simple functionality. It is excellent if the best trimmer for men in India includes accessories you need them. Necessary trimmers have the least accessories included, like clipper guard for different lengths. 

Some brands offer narrow blades and nose clippers along with the equipment. If you are a person who tries different styles, you will need a decent set of clippers. It will allow you to adjust the blade as per the length of the clipper guard. 


There are numerous new and exciting gimmicks included for high-end trimmers. Some are designed for intending marketing, while others are made for convenience and functionality. Some blades have a self-sharpening feature that is effective for a longer stay while others are designed to display a low battery level. 

Different gimmicks can comprise laser guides, inbuilt vacuum systems, and much more. Some trimmers are designed wisely to lift hair as it glides through to cut the perfect length. 

Long-lasting trimmer before you buy a new one

Although it’s a tough call, no one can predict how much duration you need to maintain the beard trimmer. Beyond the mechanics, which can fall anytime, you need to take extra care of the plastic part, which can break or damage. The beard trimmers until the date are made of metal and plastic parts. 

Few low quality plastic beard trimmers cannot accompany you for a long time. 

Why use beard trimmer?

The reason is numerous for the invaluable grooming tool. It can serve and clean your thick beard to look clean and decent. Trimmers serve the function of giving the impression that you have been ignoring personal hygiene daily. 

Close trimmers make you look well kept without have been shaved cleanly. Nowadays, the beard trimmer is no longer a tool that you use rarely, but it has expanded its use from simple past aesthetic to a more groomed appearance. 

Reasons to Keep your beard well-groomed. 

Flaky Skin 

Long facial hairs can promote the creation of flaky skin, which can stick to your beard with time. When you keep facial hair trimmed, it can limit the flaky skin on your face that solves this problem. 

Skin irritation

The longer the hair, then it is more vulnerable for skin irritation. You can relieve the abated using a cosmetic tool like beard oil. Keeping your hair well-groomed and trimmed is a way to fight with this condition. 


The bacterial can be formed beneath your beard; it can cause skin problems and acne. You can fight this by keeping well-groomed and cleanliness. Apart from this immeasurably helpful, the trimmers are incredibly simple to use. 

With a myriad of options in the market, the good news is no need to spend much for a decent shave. The best trimmer in India can be achieved between Rs. to Rs. .The options we enlisted all are tested and researched in depth so you can choose the best option as per your preferences and demand. 

History of Hair Trimmers

Every professional barber has at least one electric trimmers in his arsenal. Nowadays, many people are adding this invaluable tool in their grooming kit. However, there was a time when these clippers were uncomplicated manual devices making the most straightforward task so cumbersome. 

A Serbian barber, Nikola Bizumic,  developed the first manual clipper by the 19th century. The tool was manual; it was used by squeezing and releasing a pair of the handle. With this tool, he used to cut hair and shorten it relatively fast. His creation banged the marketing of the barbering world. 

The first pair of electric clippers were introduced by Leo J. Wahl, who was a high school junior at a High school. Wahl patented his design in 1921 and purchased 100% of Wahl Manufacturing company stock. 

The hair trimmers used today works the same way as do the manual ones, but the difference lies in their electric motor that makes the blade oscillate from one side to another. Nowadays, hair clippers make a sound investment for home enthusiasts as well as professionals. They have undergone many changes and improvements from the first model to cater to the needs of customers. 

Difference between Beard Trimmer and Hair Clippers

Hair Trimmers are classified into two categories – Electric Hair removers and mechanical hair removers. 

A hair clipper and trimmer are related to each; that’s why some people often get confused and interchange the terms. Both serve the same functionality  – to trim or cut. Though they have similarities both, have differences too. A clipper is designed to cut long hair and comes with different attachments. 

Each attachment can be used as per the length of hair to be cut. The initial design and the purpose functions in such a way that clippers do not cut very close to the skin, leaving little short hair. 

A best trimmer in India is used for cutting short or fine hairs due to its equipment of thinner blades that makes the work easy. There are some trimmers built with an extra attachment for serving a purpose. 

Trimmers are not designed to clean thick or lengthy hair; they usually work on short hair with finer details. Most trimmers cannot cut the hair very close like a shaver can do. 

Benefits of Trimmers 

Trimmers serve a lot of functionality if used properly. Thanks to the technology of the thinner blade, they are designed for the final cut, and you can easily replace your shaver with a trimmer. Style is a significant factor when you choose trimmer. Want to have a 5 o’clock shadow appearance or subtle look, a trimmer can serve the best. 

Trimmers are built with hypoallergenic blades so that men with sensitive skin can also use it. 

1.What is Beard Trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a gadget that is designed specifically for men’s skin to cut beard as per various shapes and lengths. This handheld device is built with a variety of assortment accessories. Like a manual razor, the trimmer is created with thin metal blades that use electricity to rotate and move. 

The oscillation in device cuts when the trimmer is placed near hair. Opt for the best trimmer for men in India that comes with different length attachments, combs, and brushes.

 2.How to clean the trimmer?

To start cleaning is to remove the hairs that are stuck in the midst of blades. Remove attachment and wash all the hair by using a small brush. As per the manual, your trimmer has a cleaning lever that allows you to move or extend the blade. Assemble the trimmer and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. 

If the trimmer is water-resistant, then the best way to clean is to rinse under faucet water. For longer life and maintenance of trimmer, you should always clean it after use. 

3. Are blades sharp to cut the skin?

The blades are intelligent enough to cut the hair. However, typically, the trimmer blades are manufactured wisely so that it should not cut the skin. Hitting or dropping the blade can knock the alignment, which could result in nicking the skin. Always inspect your trimmer and blade before and after use to avoid any problems.

4. What is the lifespan of the trimmer?

Life is equivalent to how much you take care of and maintain the trimmer. Some of the best trimmer in India can last for about two years to 10 years. Some fortunate people are using older models trimmer because the trimmers are efficient in their work. Invest your time in choosing the right trimmer as it can affect the quality of your beard and overall appearance.

5. How to adjust trimming length?

To adjust the length, you have to choose the right trimmer attachment and keep it over the blade. Some trimmers are built with a locking mechanism that helps you keep the guard in place. Choose the right guard as per the length of your hair you want to cut.

6. How to repair trimer?

If the beard trimmer is facing any issues and does not work anymore, you should first check if something is clogged in it. Secondly, remove all attachments and clean the blade. If there is a dust holder, remove it. If it still does not work, check its power source, it can be something in wire or battery. 

If beyond all this, your trimmer does not work, you need to get in touch with the customer service center. If your warranty is active, you can either return or exchange from the store you bought it. If your warranty has been dead, then you can contact the manufacturer.

7. How to sharpen the blades?

With the advent of technology, there are some trimmers built with auto sharpening blades, while for others, you need to do manually. Cleaning and regularly maintaining the blade would prevent rough, uneven cuts and snagged hair. 

Remove the blade, clean it properly, so there is no debris on dirt on it before sharpening. Place the blade on the slit of a magnetic holder. Move the blade along with the coarse honing stone. 

Ceramic blades need diamond sharpening stone. You can also get a professional blade sharpener. It can be sharpened up to 5 times the price of new. 

8. Are trimmers better than razors?

Shaver’s are devices that are designed to give a clean and closer shave. They are a safe and reliable way to achieve desired results. They can be used to take edge when creating a beard or mustache style. They are safe and more hygienic compared to razors. 

Final Verdict 

Sometimes too many functionalities can be troublesome and difficult to handle; it is better to keep in simple and smarter in terms of blades near your face. The flexibility and functionality of the device should be fair enough to meet your requirements, and the sleek design would make instant worth for the product.

If you are budget conscious, then you can look for moderately priced trimmers available in the market. Choose a best trimmer in India positive points like trimmers with dry and wet shaving, cordless, and corded shaving. No trimmers we tried that meet up with total failures.

 Despite eye-catching gimmicks, we recommend you to buy a trimmer that is not expensive but enough to justify the price. Some trimmers offer just essential function with a lack of accuracy and adjustments, while others are serious beard cultivators that would meet your demand. As per your functionalities and other factors, you can choose a versatile trimmer. 

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