Best Web Hosting In India

India has become one of the top countries for web development in recent years. Many hosting companies have expanded their services to cover many parts of India.

But you will need to look at how well each of these companies operate. Different companies around India have various features and services, not to mention varying pricing schedules.

You’ll have to take a good note of what these companies are offering and how well they can work for you if you’re going to make the most out of your web hosting plans.

Note: The prices listed here are for shared hosting plans, as these are the most affordable and useful for newcomers to the hosting field. Some rates are also based on contracts that last for at least a year.

Check the websites for each company to see what it would cost for other hosting programs and what terms are involved. You may find the services to be more affordable and flexible than you might expect.


Your first choice to explore is Chemicloud, a company that offers a data center not too far off in Singapore. Chemicloud provides a cloud platform that spreads data around redundant servers, thus ensuring all content is protected from failures or other security risks.

The cPanel support provided by Chemicloud also ensures you will get access to the best control features that make it easier for you to adjust what’s on your server.

Chemicloud provides a free lifetime domain to all subscribers. You can also use this for about Rs. 300 per month, thus making it one of the more affordable options for hosting you can find.

A2 Hosting

Indian web hosting is available through A2 Hosting. The company has hosting solutions all around India, including support through dedicated servers in the country.

Each server provided by A2 is optimized to work with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These are among the top web hosting systems that you can find in India, thus enhancing how well you can manage your content while online. You can also use A2 for Rs. 300 per month.


FastComet prides itself on offering some of the fastest speeds around. But the company also offers a free domain transfer and full cPanel support that facilitates the website quite well.

Daily and weekly backups are also included for your convenience. FastComet has servers available for use in Singapore and Tokyo.

The data centers can handle thousands of servers, thus giving you more than enough access to different places for your hosting needs. This all works at rates as low as Rs. 300, thus making it an efficient choice for your connection needs.


HostGator is an influential name in the world of web hosting. The company’s services cover everything from unmetered disk space to fast servers located directly in India.

HostGator works alongside GPX, a top-rate data center company in India that provides secure servers with near-perfect uptime ratings with minimal downtime concerns needed for general maintenance purposes.

You can also use HostGator to handle local payment gateways if desired. You can get on the HostGator system for as little as Rs. 99 per month. You can also get a domain name with one of many extensions, including a .in extension if you prefer.


BlueHost is another web hosting company that has evolved to offer great services in India. You can find web hosting plans for as little as Rs. 209 per month.

You can use unlimited domains and email accounts on your BlueHost system. This is perfect if you have many smaller sites, or you have many email setups that need to take in very specific types of messages.

You can also use a WordPress-dedicated hosting system for Rs. 319 per month. The WordPress hosting system is exclusively for WP-enabled sites. You can work with a massive variety of plugins and templates, including setups for local payment gateways.


Cheap web hosting has never been easier to find thanks to Hostinger. The company often highlights special deals on its hosting services, including ones for Rs. 45 per month.

The distinct hPanel control setup that Hostinger uses makes it easy for you to control your content. The interface has been programmed thanks to years of feedback from satisfied Hostinger customers.

You’ll find one of the most immersive and convenient control setups around with this layout. The design gives you more control over your content with ease.


Your last option to look at is SiteGround. You can hire SiteGround for many outstanding hosting needs that you may have, including for not only web hosting but also for WordPress and Woocommerce needs.

One convenient part of SiteGround’s services entails the use of custom patches to help support the distinct and specific security needs that certain websites may have.

The service is available for as little as Rs. 300 per month as well. You can adjust your plan for service based on the amount of traffic you are expecting to get each month.

What Is the Best Choice?

All of the options you have come across are useful, but there are only so many choices for you to look at. Chemicloud is the best option thanks to its better variety of options for your use, not to mention you can get a free lifetime domain for your service.

A2 Hosting is also helpful in that A2 provides fast servers with many of them being based directly in India. FastComet is also great for how it offers a free domain transfer service.

Each of the hosting options you have read about here is useful in many ways. You’ll need to look around well to find something that fits the unique concerns and needs that you have for handling your work when you are online.

You will need to find only the best option for hosting that covers the unique needs you have when getting your website ready for use in any situation. You’ll find it easy for you to go forward with your hosting plans when you use something right.

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