Best Wiper Blades

By Trusha Patel

The wiper blades refer to the parts of the four-wheelers which clean the windshield from stains or damages that may obstruct the vision of the driver. The wiper blades are mandatory in every four-wheeler, and they assist travelers with the benefit of safety and security. 

Since the purchase of wiper blades can be a difficult task, here there’s a list of the best wiper blades you can get in the market which suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Wiper Blades Review

1. Bosch 3397010055 High Performance Replacement Wiper Blade

  • Applicable in most of the Indian cars
  • An additional coating made of Graphite
  • Equipped with double micro wiping edge
  • Facilitates a flip over mechanism
  • Affordable and worth the penny

One of the best wiper blades in the market you can completely rely on as it is from the house of one of the renowned manufacturers, Bosch. This is a great pick for a large variety of cars, especially centric to the ones which are popular in the Indian market. 

The set of two wiper blades are also one of the most affordable packages and totally worth the money spent on them. The wiper blades also have a coating made of Graphite, which enhances more smoothness and comfortable wiping function. It also comes with a double micro-edge, which gives much clearer visibility for the driver. 

2. Bosch 3397010054 High Performance Replacement Wiper Blade

  • An additional layer of Graphite
  • Easy installation with adaptor
  • Built with double micro wiping edges
  • Less vibration even at greater speeds
  • Inbuilt flip over mechanism

Another set of highly cost-effective wiper blades from the house of the world-class manufacturer Bosch. Equipped with an interesting and highly impressive set of features, it also covers a large number of popular cars on the Indian roads. There is no need for assembling as it comes readily packed. Furthermore, the presence of adapters makes it easier to install the wiper blades.

3.Power X A211 Rear Wiper Blade for Polo

  • Built exclusively for Volkswagen Polo
  • Cost-effective and highly affordable
  • Enhances easy handling
  • Built of high-quality Rubber and plastic
  • Great performance even in Rain, sleet, and snow

Undoubtedly this wiper blade from Power X falls under the best wiper blades in the economic range. Superior quality built exclusively for one of the most popular cars in India, the Volkswagen Polo. This one, too, comes with an extremely attractive set of features to look out like the ease of installation process and heavy-duty mechanism. 

4. Clouds Teflon Coated Wiper Blade For Polo,Vento,Corolla,Verna,Rapid,Ciaz,Elite i-20,Innova (24x16)

  • Built exclusively for Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R
  • Premium range of wiper blades
  • Sturdy enough and long-lasting
  • Built keeping the OEM standards in mind
  • Strong and easy to install

Clouds, one of the popular manufacturers of the automobile parts and associated goods, brings in the Teflon coated wiper blade, exclusively for some of India’sIndia’s most popular cars, including Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R. The wiper blades are of superior quality and built on the basis of the OEM standards of the industry. It is comparatively a medium-ranged buy but worthy enough, considering the quality. 

5. Autofurnish AF6458 21-inch Frameless Wiper Blades Compatible with Maruti Suzuki Swift

  • Built exclusively for the Maruti Suzuki Swift range of cars
  • Extremely lightweight
  • An affordable option and good value for the money
  • Smooth and noiseless design
  • Aerodynamic design syncs perfectly to the windscreen curves

Built with maximum concentration on the technical aspects, Autofurnish brings to you one of the best wiper blades with an extensive range of features and technical benefits. They are great if you’re looking for some efficient, lightweight options for your car, and most importantly, the range covers a great number of cars currently on the road in India.

6. MICHELIN 24" Traditional Rainforce wiper Blades

  • From the house of Michelin, a world-class brand
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • High level of compatibility with a good range of cars on the road
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Inbuilt steel frame for smooth and clean functioning

Michelin is one of the most preferred brands for the purchase of automobile parts and accessories and is also well known for its quality. This premium range of Wiper Blades from the house of Michelin, too, is a set of advanced built accessories with an impressive range of features to watch out for.

7. Electomania® 2Pcs Universal Car Vehicle Rubber Frameless Windshield Wiper Blade Refill Car Windscreen Wiper Blade Refill 6mm (Length 27.5inch)

  • Easy installation of the rubber wiper blades
  • Comes in handy whenever the material surface of the wiper blade is damaged
  • DualRubberr with multiple layers for durability
  • Manual installation and universal fit to any vehicle
  • Lessor no noise produced during the cleaning process

If the surface material of the wiper blades is damaged, there is no need to change the whole set of blades every time. Therefore, you can make use of the refill rubber wiper blade attachments, which can replace the damaged ones with fresh new ones. Electomania range of windshield wiper blades can be used in any vehicle as it promises a smooth and clean mechanism at an affordable price.

8. Autofurnish Frameless Wiper Blades for Toyota Innova (D) 600mm (24") (P) 400mm (16")

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Completely made of top quality rubber
  • No need for manual assembling
  • Advanced level aerodynamic design
  • Exclusively designed for Toyota Innova models

Autofurnish Frameless Wiper Blades are designed for one of the most popular cars on the road, the Toyota Innova. These frames are extremely lightweight, and it makes the attaching process pretty easy. The package comes as a whole, and there is no need for manual assembling of the wiper blades. It is quite an affordable option and moreover, worth the money spent taking its superior quality built and advanced features into consideration.


  • Covers a good range of popular cars on the road
  • Falls under the mid-range category
  • Easy to install and clip in the rubber wiper blade
  • No need for assembling activities
  • Made of steel and rubber

The frameless wiper blades rule out the continuous usage of the old expired and damaged wiper blades, which are quite dangerous and risky. Therefore the range of Power X frameless wiper blades comes in handy and can be easily used to replace the older ones. These are affordable and come with some great quality benefits, which justifies the mid-range pricing. 


  • Premium ranged product with superior qualities
  • Exclusively designed for Fiat Punto, Linea, etc
  • Can handle heavy-duty mechanism
  • Superior quality, similar to the original factory quality ones
  • Wholly made of rubber

Another premium range wiper blade with some top-notch quality features which are simply impressive. It covers most of the normal ranged cars of the mid-level. The sturdy built and uncompromising quality qualifies worth the money’s spent attribute of the wiper blade. They are built on the basis of the OEM top quality industry standards. 

Buying Guide for the Best Wiper Blades 

Wiper blades are an integral part of every four-wheeler, and they play a key role in reducing the number of road accidents. It makes the four-wheelers like cars, vans, trucks, etc. adjust to any climatic conditions and adapt to transport in a safe and secure way. 

Therefore the wiper blades come as a mandatory attachment to all the four-wheelers, and it is efficient enough to tackle the damages and stains on the windshields of the four-wheelers. 

There are a lot of companies and brands involved in the manufacturing of automobile parts and accessories, manufacturing wiper blades as they have to be replaced once they are damaged or get old and defunct. 

At the same time, from this variety of brands and their different range of products, it is essential to pick the right one as the selection of the right wiper blade is necessary for satisfying certain factors. Some of the most important factors which to be considered before the purchase of wiper blades are discussed below. 

Factors to be considered before the purchase of Wiper Blades for your Car

1. Size 

The size and dimensions of the wiper blades are one of the most important concerns during the purchase of the same. One needs to be very clear about the size of the wiper blade that perfectly suits the four-wheeler they own or the four-wheeler for which they are purchasing it. 

Only the appropriate size and length of the wiper blade can suit perfectly to the four-wheeler, and it largely depends on the size of the windshield of the four-wheeler. Inappropriate sizes of wiper blades are of no use or shouldn’t be enough to tackle the risks during the drive. 

2. Brand 

Just like any other industry, there are a lot of popular brands operating in the automobile industry where they’ve specialized in manufacturing the parts and accessories needed for all types of motor vehicles. Since there are a lot of brands to choose from, one should always look for the one which has a good amount of market share and is dominating the market with high-quality goods and that too at affordable prices. Only then would the customer be able to strike a deal, which is worth the money spent on the product. The same applies to the Wiper Blades too. 

3. Price 

A major consideration in every single product or service you decide to buy is the price. A lot of factors like affordability, feasibility, etc. are strongly associated with the concept of pricing in whatever product you buy. In the case of wiper blades, there are products sold at an economical range, and also there are premium luxury products that are sold at a high price. One needs to be sure about what kind of product will suit the vehicle and also the purchase decision that will now burn a hole in the pocket. 

4. Body 

Next comes the body or the built or the structure of the product, and here, the wiper blades. Usually, in most cases, the body of the wiper blades is built with rubber whose quality varies highly between the ones with a huge set of features and the ones with limited features. 

Therefore the customer needs to pick the product in terms of what kind of material they need to be and what quality the material is got to be before making the purchase decision. So the body of the product here also plays an important role as a consideration in making the purchase decision. 

5. Coating 

Other than the primary material which is used for making the body of the product, there is a separate layer that is given for the purpose of the coating. The coated layer lies close to the surface of the windshield and keeps it moving whenever any climate or natural adversities come up. 

Usually, in most of the cases, the coating is made up of steel layers or even sometimes with Teflon coating. It enhances the surface and smoothens the functioning of the same. Therefore it also results in multiple advantages to the user. 

6. Type 

The wiper blades are available in two types of two forms. One in the form of the complete stack for the installation as a wiper blade but at the same time, the second type as the wiper blade only as a replacement for the first. The first ones are usually built of both rubber and additional coating and layers of multiple metals like stainless steel and Teflon, while the second ones are completely made of Rubber. 

Therefore if you simply want a replacement for an old, slightly damaged wiper blade, then you can go for the latter while serious damage or a new vehicle needs the former one. 

7. Noise 

The wiper blades, in most cases, produce an annoying rattling noise, especially when the motor vehicle moves at a good speed. This rattling of them on the windshield is simply disturbing, and as a solution for this, the user can search for the noiseless wiper blades, which won’t even make a noise even at a great speed. 

The additional coating will prevent it from making the noises. This largely depends upon the quality of the construct and the type of material used in the coating and the body of the Wiper Blade. 

8. Assembling

Nowadays, most of the products like these are usually delivered as a DIY or Do It Yourself method, where the user needs to assemble the contents of the pack. This is done to simplify the packaging process and make the user understand the product very well. 

Therefore the user needs to make sure that the product is of what type, whether it requires the assembling activity or can it be installed right as per the original looking version. 

The installation in most of the products can be done manually without seeking for any kind of professional help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Wiper Blades last?

The wiper blades used in the motor vehicles can be affected by a lot of conditions, and hence these should be changed or replaced with a new set of wiper blades every six months. Also, in order to get optimum benefits out of the wiper blades, it is ideal and advised to change the wiper blades with a new set every six months. 

Are frameless wiper blades better or not?

The frameless wiper blades are advantageous and beneficial for the users in a lot of ways compared to the normal ordinary wiper blades. Therefore the users are advised to go for the frameless wiper blades, which are quite more expensive but are totally worth the money spent if you are looking for more comfort or smoothness with the wiper blades. 

Are Silicone wiper blades better or not?

Silicone wiper blades are apparently more beneficial and strong than the normal ordinary wiper blades like the windshield wiper blades. Therefore if you are willing to spend some extra bucks on the silicone wiper blades, as they are quite expensive, they are also worth the money spent. They are sturdy and way more durable than the other types of wiper blades.

What are hybrid windshield wiper blades?

Just like the word hybrid suggests, the hybrid windshield wiper blades are a combination of the conventional wiper blades and the beam wiper blades. When these two are combined, it gives an aerodynamic design and enhances the performance of the hybrid windshield wiper blades. They are far more efficient, and most importantly, they have certain pressure points to work efficiently.

Are curved wiper blades better?

As the Name suggests, the curved wiper blades have a special design where it appears to be more curved than the other normal ordinary wiper blades like the conventional wiper blades. This curved structure is a great advantage for the wiper blade as it sweeps through the whole windshield screen in a smooth and clean way. Therefore it is advisable to have a curved wiper blade too. 

Are expensive wiper blades worth the money?

Yes. You have to change the wiper blades in a break of every six months, and the normal ordinary wiper blades have the tendency to get damaged very soon and maybe within a period of 2-3 months. Therefore it is advisable to get expensive wiper blades as even though they are expensive, they will last longer and provide efficient service.


As you have seen, the wiper blades are an important part of the four-wheelers, and they have to be taken proper care of every time. Their replacement and cleansing is essential, and also choosing the right wiper blade too but is also equally essential to the user. 

So before picking out the wiper blade, go through the factors that need to be considered, which are provided with the buying guide, and then make your purchase to get the maximum benefits out of it. 

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