Top 10 Best Yoga Mat in India

By Trusha Patel

Yoga requires stretching and flexing of the body from different angles and orientations, and doing so on the bare floor might lead to serious injury of various body parts. To avoid such situations, one needs a good yoga mat. Thus, the best yoga mat is in high demand now by most fitness conscious people out there. 

Yoga asanas not only heal your underlying body ailments, but it also rejuvenates your mental health. Having evolved in ancient times, these asanas have gained increasing importance in modern culture. And proper practicing yoga asanas require a thick yoga mat that would provide your body with the optimum support it needs. 

Therefore, here in this article, we have brought you a collection of a few of the best yoga mats that are easily obtainable in the Indian market and which have been receiving positive customer feedback for a long time

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat in India Review

1. VIFITKIT Yoga Mat with Free Yoga mat Bag Anti Skid Yoga mat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise Long Size Yoga Mat for Men Women, Purple 10MM

  • Made up of latex-free, durable and non-toxic materials that are simultaneously eco-friendly
  • Resistant to sweat and can resist moisture as well and thereby it is washable
  • Extra thick to impart more comfort to your joints and muscles while exercising
  • It is light-weight and hence very portable and non-slip

The Vitfitkit Anti-skid yoga mat is made up of environment-friendly material and does not contain harmful substances like silicone or latex. This yoga mat helps you stay fit without affecting the environment. This non slip yoga mat is textured, and therefore it does not skid against any kind of floor and allows you to complete all types of yogic asanas with confidence. 

Warming of the body and sweating is an integral part of the yoga asanas. This yoga mat is sweat-resistant and does not absorb sweat, and thereby it lasts longer. It is also moisture-resistant and can be washed and cleaned very easily with soap and water.

Final Words:

The Vitfitkit thick yoga mat is extra-thick and spongy, and thereby it allows you to exercise peacefully without hurting your muscles or joints. This yoga mat is very light in weight and thus can be easily carried along without any hassle. As it is anti-skid, thus slipping while practicing yoga, asanas are not a problem with this yoga mat.

2. Strauss Yoga Mat, 4 mm, (Green)

  • The high-quality foam make of this yoga mat makes it light-weight
  • It is specially designed with an anti-tear feature that makes it very durable
  • This yoga mat is textured on both the sides to ensure that it does not slip on the floor
  • The material with which this mat is made up of is non-toxic and recyclable

The Strauss Yoga mat tops the category of the best non toxic yoga mat, which is made with natural rubber and biodegradable superabsorbent materials. You will also get a mat bag for free with this yoga mat, which helps you carry the mat even outdoors. Being light-weight makes this yoga mat very portable. 

This yoga mat can be used regularly for practicing yogic asanas without any worry about its wear and tear. It has an anti-tear feature that makes it very durable. It is manufactured from high-quality foam, which makes it long-lasting.

Final words:

Strauss yoga mat can be folded neatly and packed inside your suitcase and carried along. It has texture on both sides, which makes it highly non-slippy and perfect for practicing all kinds of yoga exercises on all sorts of floors like wood or cement. It is thus an ideal choice for fitness freaks and health-conscious people all around.

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The Brandvilla Yoga mat is engineered in a way to provide maximum support and flexibility to your body. It is made from a very high-quality foam material that gives you a cushion-like feel and is highly comfortable for your muscles. 

It is made up of an organic rubber material that also has a mixture of handloom cotton in it. This yoga mat does not slip on the floor of wood or marble or even cement due to its anti-skid property. This yoga mat is fully washable, being made up of moisture-resistant foam and rubbery material.

Final Words:

The Brandvilla yoga mat can be completely rolled and packed inside a cotton bag that is provided along with the yoga mat, and thus it can be used indoors and outdoors with equal ease. This yoga mat has a standard size of 2 feet by 6 feet to accommodate tall and healthy persons comfortably. Altogether this mat can be placed in the list of one of the best yoga mat that is available in the Indian market. 

4. Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat, 6mm

  • This yoga mat is fit for practicing yoga or pilates or any kind of aerobic exercises
  • Its sleek and trendy appearance makes you look cool amongst your peers
  • This yoga mat is impervious to water and has easy maintenance
  • This yoga mat has a strong foundation and can support all kinds of exercises without any chances of injury

The Fitkit yoga mat can be used for practicing pilates and all kinds of aerobic exercises and not just yoga asanas, thereby making this a multipurpose mat. It is available in a variety of colors and textures. You can choose from this wide range of colors and textures that would look cool and give you an edge amongst your peers.

This yoga mat is impervious to water, and thus wet surfaces would not be a hindrance to your exercise regimes. They are very uncomplicated to maintain and can be washed directly in the washing machine instead of washing them carefully with hands. 

Final Words:

The Fitkit Yoga mat fits perfectly for all your fitness needs. It has a strong foundation on all kinds of flooring, and you can effortlessly practice all the asanas and exercises without having to worry about skidding and getting injured. This yoga mat provides extreme comfort and makes you want to practice for longer times. 

5. VELLORA Yoga Mat Anti skid Yogamat for Gym workout and flooring exercise - Long size yoga mate for men women (Blue-6MM)

  • Specially designed foam protects to absorb all impacts and avoid injury
  • Highly gripping on the floor and anti-skid surfaces to allow freedom of exercise
  • Can be soaked with mild soap and water but not in a washing machine
  • 8 mm thickness to provide excellent support and comfort during exercising

This Vellora 72X24 inches yoga mat is designed superiorly with light-weight and high-quality foam material that supports your weight while exercising and protects your knees and joints from facing any kind of injury. It can consume all types of consequences, and thereby your body does not feel the same. It takes exercising to a whole new level.

There are no chances of slipping and falling when you are exercising on this mat. It has anti-skid property and textures surfaces that grip the floor with a good foundation and does not slip at all. You can thus practice freely without having to worry about displacing and slipping off the yoga mat.

Final Words:

The Vellora yoga mat holds a high rank in the list of best yoga mats due to its extreme light-weight and compact facility. It is made from non-toxic TPE and does not contain allergic substances like latex and is entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is dust-resistant, and its mesh is embedded with an anti-tear net to make it durable and easy to use.

6. Strauss Mandala Yoga Mat, 5 mm, (Pink)

  • It is odor-free and sweat-resistant thereby providing a hygienic yoga experience
  • The anti-skid and supportive surface prevents all kinds of injury and accidents
  • It comes with a strap and box for carrying it easily to gym or yoga classes
  • It is available in a variety of floral patterns and colors to choose from

The Strauss yoga mat provides you with a holistic approach towards exercising and staying fit. It is made up of an exclusive quality of foam that is highly resistant to sweat and water, and it remains odor-free to provide you with a hygienic yogic experience. This mat is eco-friendly as it is made up of natural rubber and recycled products; thus, it is also very environmentally friendly.

The different butterfly floral patterns and a wide variety of colors make it a definite choice amongst teenagers as well as adults. You can now flaunt your yoga mat proudly amongst your peer group. The anti-skid and textured surface prevents all kinds of injuries and accidents that might happen while exercising.

Final Words:

The yoga mat is enclosed in a box that is given for free with this mat, and it also has a strap for carrying it easily to every place that you go to. It has an extra padded cushion-like support that is easy on your body and motivates you to perform asanas for a tad bit longer.

7. VIFITKIT ® Anti Skid Yoga Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise Long Size Yoga Mat for Men and Women with Bag (Army Green, 8 mm)

  • It is made up of EVA foam material that is sweat absorbent and moisture-resistant
  • It has an anti-skid and anti-slip surface to avoid all kinds of mishaps and lets you exercise without any worry
  • It can be washed from time to time using mild soap and water for cleaning it
  • It has extra cushioning and is light-weight and portable

The Vitfitkit Yoga mat is made up of top-class EVA foam that is highly durable. This mat has anti-tear mesh, and it lasts at least five times longer than the normal yoga mats. Also, it does not contain any toxic substances in its make like latex, silicone, or PVC and thus is not harmful to your health or the environment.

The anti-skid and anti-slip surfaces help you balance yourself even when you are out of position and thereby prevent injuries of all sorts. It is very important to maintain hygiene while performing such exercises, and this yoga mat can be washed from time to time using mild detergent to prevent all kinds of bacterial or microbial development. 

Final Words:

The Vitfitkit yoga mat is specially designed for people with joint or knee sensibility issues. The extra-thick mat provides extreme comfort to all the joints and muscles and absorbs impact like no other yoga mat, making it one of the best choices for all kinds of users from different age groups.

8. Fitness Mantra Yoga for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise 4MM Thickness (Long) - 1 Pcs

  • Light-weight yoga mat easy to transport and store at your home
  • Eco-friendly, dust-resistant and anti-tear mat free from toxic substances
  • 180 cm by 60 cm long mat is suitable for people of all sizes and shapes
  • Easily washable with mild soap and water and thus easy to maintain

The fitness mantra Yoga mat helps you unite your body, mind, and soul like no other mat available in the market. It is extremely light in weight and can be carried along or stored in very scanty places without any problem. It is made up of biodegradable silicone that is eco-friendly and also has dust-resistant and anti-tear features for long durability.

This yoga mat is 4mm thick and provides excellent support and padding to your hips, elbow, and knees and joints while exercising, thereby providing a satisfactory yoga experience. One of the surfaces of this mat is textured, and the other surface has anti-skid property, thereby no chances of an accident can occur with this yoga mat.

Final Words:

The fitness mantra yoga mat is a perfect choice for all those people who Want to practice yoga asanas with utmost sincerity and prudence. Keeping in mind the hygienic needs, this mat is designed in a way that it can be rinsed with soap and water from time to time.

9. Onlymat Synthetic Yoga Mat (60x180cm, 4mm) (Dark Blue)

  • It is suited for all kinds of fitness exercises and not only yoga
  • 61X173 mm dimensions to suit all kinds of body shape and size
  • 4 mm thick yoga mat with extra padding for comforting yoga experience
  • Textured, gripping surfaces that seat firmly on the floor and prevents accidents

The Onlymat synthetic yoga mat is ideal for performing all kinds of exercises like pilates, pranayamas as well as yoga. It is thus a multipurpose mat. It is 61mm by 173mm long and wide and can fit all body shapes and sizes very easily and thereby makes exercising on this mat very comfortable and free.

This yoga mat is 4mm thick and has extra padding to absorb impacts that are produced while performing several yogic poses. Thus it gives you a comforting experience and motivates you to exercise for longer hours without getting tired. 

Final Words:

This yoga mat is textured on one surface and grips firmly to the floor with the other surface, and thereby, it prevents all kinds of accidents and saves you from any kind of injury. Also, it is available for you in a wide variety of colors to suit your personality.

10. Fitness Mantra® Health & Fitness Non-Slip Yoga Mat High Density Anti-Slip, Anti-Tear Texture in Multi Color with Compact and Rubber Lightweight Material, 4 mm Thick Large Size 72 inch x 24 inch

  • 180X60 cm long mat for comfortable use by all kinds of users
  • Eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic make of the mat makes it stand out
  • Washable and moisture resistant but can not stand direct sunlight
  • Light-weight and strapping makes it very portable and handy

The Fitness mantra Long size yoga mat is an ideal choice for tall and healthy persons. It has a dimension of 180X60 cm that makes it suitable for all body shapes and sizes. It is made from a high-quality non-toxic foam material that lasts very long and thus is a value for your money.

It is moisture-resistant and can be washed often with soap and water. However, the only thing to be kept in mind is that it should not be directly exposed to sunlight; otherwise, it will be degraded very fast. It is very light-weight and is provided with a strap, with the help of which it can be carried along very easily.

Final Words:

This yoga mat is 4mm thick and provides cushioning to your muscles, hips, and joints as well as absorbs impacts produced from exercising. It is thus a wise choice for all fitness conscious people. 

Buying Guide For Best Yoga Mat

Yoga asanas are believed to awaken deep-seated energy reservoirs in your body and keep you healthy and fit in the best way possible. These asanas employ breathing techniques to engender heat in the human body that has a positive effect on different parts of the body and thereby heals the body.

And when there is direct contact between your body and the floor, the heat generated goes down to the earth directly, and thus, the asanas are rendered useless.

This is the main purpose why most people look for the best mats before they delve into the schedule of yoga asanas. Choosing the best non toxic yoga mat is not easy and involves research and study on the subject. The following points must be considered before you choose the right yoga mat for yourself.

1. Material:

A yoga mat may be made up of various kinds of materials, and depending on the kind of material, they may be thick or thin. A thick mat lasts longer than the thin variety, but each type has a different utility. Depending upon the material of the mat, its texture, eco-friendliness, and many other features like thickness and stiffness are determined. 

The main available yoga mats in the market are made mostly from one of the following materials.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC: This material is washable; thus, you can clean it from time to time. It is also very long-lasting and therefore worth all your money. They are free from latex but are not biodegradable and hence not environment friendly. 
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE: These are man-made materials that are made by combining plastic and rubber. They are not washable but are thick and good for basic yoga practice. The main plus point of these mats is that they are eco-friendly and recyclable. 
  • Natural Fibre: As can be understood from the name itself, these yoga mats are made from natural fibers like jute or cotton and top the category of non slip yoga mat. Since the natural fibers are not as long-lasting as PVC, thus they are comparably less durable but are again biodegradable. 

2. Texture:

The texture of a yoga mat is important since it is the deciding factor for the amount of traction that the mat can provide. Also, the texture decides the comfort level that the user experiences while exercising on the mat. The texture of a mat makes it non-slippery and holds it on the ground well.

Natural mats that are made from natural fibers like jute have a texture of their own due to their uneven and bumpy surface. On the other hand, yoga mats made from PVC are generally smooth unless they are given a texture artificially. TPE mats are also pretty plain and comforting.

Having said all these, the fact needs no emphasis that you should choose the best yoga mat that feels comfortable and suits your exercise regimes. 

3. Thickness:

This is an extremely important aspect while choosing the right yoga mat for yourself. This feature decides the comfort level as well as the traction that the mat provides. Thus before choosing the thickness of your yoga mat, decide on your purpose of buying the mat.

The thinnest mat has a thickness of about 1/16 inches and is very light-weight and thereby easily portable. The medium thickness yoga mats have a thickness of 1/8 inches and are comfortable and widely preferred. The thickest yoga mats, for high-intensity yoga training, have a thickness of ¼ inches. 

4. Eco-friendliness:

Keeping in mind the condition of the environment around us, it is a dire need that we choose all those variants of yoga mats that are not harmful to the environment as well as for the creatures living in it. Eco-friendly yoga mats are the ones that are made from natural rubber or natural fibers like cotton, jute, etc. You might find it a little expensive but are biodegradable, and they pose no threat to the environment.

PVC yoga mats are generally non-biodegradable, and thus it is better to avoid using them as much as possible. Other alternatives that serve your purpose are always a better option. 

5. Price Range:

The price of the yoga mats varies due to several reasons like thickness, durability, pattern, eco-friendliness e.t.c. Thin yoga mats are cheaper than the medium thickness and thickest yoga mats, as the materials required varies in each of them. 

There are various other criteria on which the price of the yoga mats depends. Like if you opt for a stylish pattern on your yoga mat, it will cost you a few extra bucks. Also, added properties like antimicrobial or antifungal property add to the existing price of the mat.

6. Style of Yoga:

Coming to the last but not the least important point of choosing your yoga mat. The kind of yoga mat that is perfect for you is determined by the level of intensity of the yoga asanas that you practice. Thus, focus on this point as well, before choosing the perfect mat for yourself. 

Thus consider the above points in detail before buying your yoga mat. It is advisable to go for a low-budget yoga mat if you are a beginner and want to check out if you are interested in the exercises.

And if you seem to find them interesting, you can always upgrade to the better versions. And in case, yoga is not your thing, and you can use up the mat for pilates or the kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should I clean the yoga mat after use?

The yoga mat should be cleaned with a soft cloth after each use. The yoga mats that are made of materials like PVC or TPE are washable and are cleaned with water and detergent after each use. Whereas the yoga mats that are made from natural fibers like jute or cotton can not be washed often, thus they can be cleaned using baby wipes or a clean piece of cloth after each use.

Q2. As a beginner, what kind of yoga mat shall I choose?

As a beginner, your yoga lessons would not be very difficult or tough, but at the same time, the thickness and grip of the mat will make a considerable difference at this stage. Choosing too thin a mat might cause pain in the body and joints, and also, if the mat does not have a proper grip, there are chances that the person might slip as he or she is a beginner. Thus as a beginner, one should choose a mat that is thick and has a good grip.

Q3. Is there any warranty on yoga mats?

Mostly there is no warranty policy on yoga mats. However, a few brands do offer a limited warranty on the product. So it is always advisable to go through the product description or ask the seller about this issue.

Q4. As an intermediate level yoga student, what kind of yoga mat shall I choose?

As an intermediate student, you should choose a yoga mat that can give you comfort for long practicing hours. If you have bought a thick, grippy mat as a beginner, it is time that you upgrade your choice. As an intermediate student, choose a mat that is a little thinner and feels more comfortable.

Q5. From which age can I teach yoga to my children?

Children on and above the age of 4 years are fit to perform yogic exercises unless they have some special medical conditions. In case of any medical issues, it is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner before indulging your kid in yogic exercises.

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