5 Black Friday VPS Deals 2021– 95% Off

In a bid to scale up your business, opting for the Black Friday VPS Deals is a great choice. If you are not that great about remembering dates, Black Friday usually arrives around the last week of November and a day before Cyber Monday each year.

It is that time of the year when you would see massive discounts on your favorite products. If you are someone who wants to stay secure while online, you are in luck. Black Friday is that time of the year when VPS providers offer huge discounts on their offers. Thus, if you are eagerly waiting for some crazy Black Friday deals for 2021, the time is now to get it.

During the period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a myriad of hosting companies facilitate insane discounts on VPS, web hosting and domain names. You will also avail huge discounts on plugins as well as themes. This is the reason that during this period most of the individuals prefers starting a new website or transfer their blog to other hosting companies. Hence, missing this opportunity is a crime.

5 Black Friday VPS Deals 2021

There is no better time than Black Friday to update your hosting sites from basic servers to cloud for more power and flexibility. Interestingly, several hosting companies are running Black Friday deals this year on VPS. The following list elaborates the name of the VPS companies and the type of discounts you can avail during this Black Friday sale.

1. A2 Hosting VPS Black Friday

a2 hosting

Being founded in the year 2004, A2 hosting has been impressing tech nerds and bloggers with its fascinating deals and features. A2 is a familiar name in the hosting name for its fast SSD based servers which provide lightning fast page loading speeds. They also have an extensive customer care support; they refer to as Guru Crew Support. A2 hosting is appropriate for you in case you are new in the field of hosting. Their superior and supportive customer care support would help you understand the various intricacies involved in the hosting process.

Committed with 99% uptime, this Black Friday, A2 Hosting is providing 50% discount on its VPS plans and 67% OFF on shared as found on Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2021 post. Interestingly, the core and managed VPS plans come with free SSD and SSL features along with the HostGuard management. Moreover, in case you have developed repulsion towards their services, you would get your invested money back.

A2 VPS hosting offers you the following features to scale up your business with SSL certificates to secure your site and Turbo servers which makes your site quite fast. There is also an 24/7 support on all hosting plans with Unlimited storage and data transfer which helps you to have multiple back-ups for added safety.

Visit A2Hosting.com

2. Liquid Web VPS Black Friday

Liquid Web

Liquid Web came to the fore way back in the year 1997. Over the years, they have emerged as one of the most popular and reputed web hosting companies which facilitates managed VPS hosting and fully administered dedicated servers. If you are on the lookout to get a VPS server which is fast and reliable and at the same time provides you layers of encryption, you can trust on Liquid Web. Interestingly, all their VPS servers are backed by superior customer support which is also referred to as Heroic Support at times.

If you opt for the servers of LiquidWeb, you can get SSD-based fully managed VPS plans which starts from 2 GB RAM. However, things just don’t end here. You can also avail fully managed 32 GB RAM in this Black Friday VPS deal at discounted rates. On the other hand, it is crucial here to note here that the dual core processors have a RAM of 512 GB. Hence, irrespective of your needs, they have a server for you.

Similar to every year, this year too, LiquidWeb is giving special discounts on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This year, LiquidWeb is planning to offer some exciting discounts which you shouldn’t miss. Scale your business with the basic VPS plan that comes with 2GB of RAM. The price for 2 GB of RAM is $59. However, keeping in mind the Black Friday Sale, this price would come down to 29.5 dollars. Feeling enticed, aren’t you?

Well, wait, the list of goodies is still not over. LiquidWeb would also provide you with various add-ons like site remediation and protection. On the other hand, if you are feeling restless about grabbing a LiquidWeb deal right now, you can still avail a discount of 50% for a time period of three months on LiquidWeb cloud VPS.

Visit Liquidweb.com

3. Turnkey Internet VPS Black Friday

Turnkey Internet

Turnkey has its headquarters in New York and is founded in the year 1999. If you want to opt for a company which has its own datacenters, the Turnkey should be your appropriate choice. They usually provide various web hosting services like VPS hosting, Linux shared hosting as well as SEO hosting. Moreover, they also offer co-location space which is just great.

There are rumors that during the Black Friday event, Turnkey would offer up to 75% discount on the VPS plans. Moreover, you should note that the basic plan starts at just 4 dollars per month. You should also note that their T40 plan comes with 4 CPU cores, 4GB RAM and 40 GB disk space which is quite alluring.

Visit TurnkeyInternet.com

4. FastComet VPS Black Friday


If you want a VPS hosting company to rely on, FastComet is the one on which you can trust blindly. It is one of the trending hosting companies nowadays. They offer complete hosting solutions with no upsells whatsoever. One of the highlighting traits about FastComet lies in the fact that they have 7 datacenters which are strategically situated. This ensures that you can always find your nearest audience. The datacenters are located in the USA, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Singapore.

Amidst various services like shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and WordPress hosting, they would also provide you with fully managed cloud VPS. Interestingly, they have VPS plans commencing from 60 dollars per month which comes with 2GB RAM. Interestingly, with their highest VPS plan, you can get 12GB of RAM which is quite sufficient to make your website powerful and stand out from the competitors.

During the Black Friday VPS Deals, you can avail 30% off on their VPS plans. Moreover, the sites which have moved to the FastComet usually enjoy faster loading times. As all the VPS and web use the same optimization techniques, the time to load a webpage would be same across various packages. Hence, you are the best one to decide whether you should choose the Black Friday deal on web hosting or cloud VPS plans.

Visit FastComet.com

5. Cloudways VPS Black Friday 


Cloudways is a known name among bloggers for its high-speed servers and superior customer support. If you are on the lookout to avail flexibility, then opting for Cloudways is a viable choice. It also provides various unique features like options to add team members and to handle accounts of multiple teams. Hence, it is quite popular among developers and bloggers.

In this Black Friday, Cloudways is offering a massive 30% discount for the first three months. Moreover, this offer is available for all the plans which it has in store for you. Cloudways has also introduced the revolutionary pay as you go feature where you pay only for the things you use. It is worthwhile here to note that the managed hosting of Cloudways is highly secured with dedicated firewalls. It also comprises of the two-factor authentication and regular updates on security patches.

Let’s take the example of the DO1GB plan offered by Cloudways. Under this plan, you get resources like 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor and 1 TB bandwidth. The regular monthly price is 10 dollars. However, during the VPS Black Friday sale, you get it only for 7 dollars. Cloudways offer these following features with its VPS hosting. They are as follows with Migration services and Applications that are updated to the latest security patches. The Backups which are automated with 1-click restore and backup with 24/7 real-time monitoring. You can get Add-ons that are exclusively supported on the Cloudways platform

If you are caught in two minds about availing Cloudways latest deals and discounts, then know that it offers insanely fast servers, free WordPress caching plugin and SSL certificates which are also free.

Visit Cloudways.com

Key Takeaways

If you are looking for a managed hosting solution, you should opt for Liquid Web. They are in this business since 1997 and have a fair share of popularity. On the other hand, selecting A2 is not a bad idea at also.

It is offering some really great and alluring VPS black Friday deals 2021 with a large discount on managed VPS. If you want to opt for new age hosting solutions, go with FastComet. However, chose your hosting plan as per your business needs.

If VPS is not for your budget, get choose one from our cheap Black Friday 2021 Hosting Deals where you can get an hosting account for less than $2/month or Rs.100 per month.

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