10 Best Fastrack Watches for Mens Below 2000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

With a myriad of options that comes to mind, you would instantly fall in love with one that has a sense of style and sophistication. We rate NK3121SM02 Fastrack Analog Black Dial watch, among best in  Fastrack, watches for men under 2000, A watch is a noticeable element that can be a conversation started and reflects your first good impression, so don’t take light things, invest in the right on

A Watch is more than just a further creation of style to add with your outfit. It serves functionality and embedded with various features to match your style. In recent times, people believed that watch had met its demise in the smartphone and would vanish soon with time. But the popularity persists. 

Whether you are a watch wearer or want to gift someone else, Fastrack watches for men below 2000 are the best timepiece you wrap around your wrist and flaunt. When people consider investing in a watch, the first thing it comes to their mind is style, whether you want a casual watch, dress watch, work watch, or functionality watch.

Choose the watch type

From a myriad of options, there is not a particular watch that satisfies requirement and need of a person. It all depends upon you and its matter of personal preference to set out and buy a new watch. Your ideal watch should showcase style, personality, functionality, and works as a fashion statement. 

With the daunting option in the watch shop, the question arises, which watch suits best for me? We have put our expert’s guide, and extensive research on the products and listed Fastrack watches for men under 2000.

Choose among different type of watches : – 

Analog Watch 

An analog watch includes a miniature clock face displaying 12 hours and includes one hour hand a minute hand in it. Sometimes you find a third secondhand for better accessibility. 

Digital Watch 

A digital watch comprises of hours, minutes, and seconds displayed in flashy digits. There is no dial, hour, a minute, or second hand included as per analog watch. 

Automatic Watch

An automatic watch referred to as a self-winding watch. It works automatically, supported by a metal weight known as a rotor. This rotor works as an energy source to watch and helps to work day and night.

Dress watch 

The most stylish and sophisticated piece to buy is a dress watch. It comprises of different styles each match as per your purpose. An advantage of buying a dress watch that it can match with all kinds of formal clothing. 

Quartz Watch 

A quartz watch includes high powered electronic oscillation synchronized by a quartz crystal. It is expensive due to its stellar reputation in the industry.

Aviator Watch 

An aviator watch is referred to as a pilot watch. It is the toughest and effective watch in the market. You would find some models that serve with a combination of style and durability. 


Smartwatch is the latest trending watch and would go ahead for decades. It is a portable watch that is monitored and controlled by a smartphone, it offers functional and fitness to match your deal requirement. Fitness tracking, Calories burnt, heart rate monitoring, and app support. 

Smartwatches include a touchscreen and are waterproof. 

Size matters

Size matters when you want to wrap the piece right in your hand and compliment your personality. Everyone’s wrist size differs, some want tight while some opt for a band that slides down to the wrist. The watch case varies in different shapes, material, back parts, and much more. There are small to oversized, ceramic to a platinum case, and the available choices are extensive. 


Fastrack watches for men below 2000 lies under two categories – leather band and metal bands. Leather band watches can be from simple leather to alligator leather, crocodile leather, and much more while metal bands compromise of precious metal or stainless steel. In the end, the preference is yours, if you want to for daily wear or one that compliments your dress. 

The Dial 

As per your body type, you can choose the size and weight of the dial. If you have a heavy, sturdy, masculine body, then standard dial would look as womanish on your wrist. Choose for bulkier options. While if you have an average build, the standard dial will work. 

Best Fastrack Watches For Mens Below 2000 in India 2021- Reviews

1. Fastrack Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch-NK38017PL02

  • Elegant designed Silver Dial matches with every wrist
  • Round case made of mineral glass.
  • Black band with buckle clasp for utilitarian and decorative purposes.
  • Original battery embedded quartz movement.
  • Analog display simply implemented for more formal look.
  • Water-resistant 50 meters can withstand direct contact with water

On our list, the best watch available in this price range is FasTrack Analog Silver Dial watch. The watch has a classic black dial enclosed with a silver round case and attached to a brown leather strap. It includes a quartz movement type, and it has an analog display. The numbers display adds sporty, and youth look to the watch. 

The water resistance feature makes the watch convenient to wear in all situations. The watch is perfect for anybody who prefers to go for a simple yet sophisticated look. No matter if you want it for daily wear or for casual wear, this piece is comfortable to wear for long hours. 

The manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty on defects or issues that occurred. Every factor of the watch from crown to a soft leather strap or dial provides you optimum comfort and style on your wrist. For longer durability, make sure the watch does not collapse.

2. Fastrack Analog Multi-Colour Dial Men's Watch -NK3015AL01

  • Multi-color dial covered with mineral glass adding a conservative style.
  • Black band adding contrast to the round shape pattern.
  • Cruelty free Leather strap for higher sustainability and durability.
  • Exclusive Quartz movement that delivers precise beats.
  • Analog display with combining chunky and detail design.

Fastrack is a safe brand when you have to consider a budget-friendly watch. They make watches better by adding genuine parts with innovative technology. The brand has been manufacturing watches that majorly focus on youth and adds style to their wrist.

Experience the round dial with orange and black dial built with the finest materials. The analog pieces coated with a black band and round dial add compliment to it. The leather straps can combine well with casual and formal attire. FasTrack gives you the edge of styling with two years of manufacturer warranty on defects. 

The Water resistance of depth 50 meters can withstand water contact without causing damage to your watch. Built with quartz movement, it is precise and requires minimal or almost no maintenance. The batteries can last for 2 to 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about changing it. You can easily enjoy the product for a long time. 

The belt strap is smooth with high-quality material. You don’t have to bother about wrapping it for long. All you need is to wear it and add shine to your wrist as well as the wallet. 

3. Fastrack Casual Analog Black Dial Men's Watch -NK3121SM02

  • Dial color Black accompanied with round case adding sporty element to watch.
  • Mineral glass material reveals compelling view of watch.
  • Silver Band and stainless straps balances to higher level.
  • Quartz movement serves you right by precise time movement.
  • Analog display crafted on hollow surface with stencil like numerals.

Fastrack watches are crafted pieces that every man can afford. From luxury to daily wear, the name of the brand has developed for the series of watches that could be brought under 2000. With brand trust and genuine products, you could easily find these pieces worthy of buying. 

The Analog display stainless steel strapped watch makes an excellent accessory for outdoor activities while remaining effortlessly stylish and cool. The big deal is ideal for the massive and wide wrist. The big dial is mostly preferred option with stainless steel strap, and being lightweight adds an advantage to the piece. 

Quartz movement and Analog display add compliment to watch. The red hour hand highlights the black dial. The high resistant mineral glass material makes it durable and provides you better clarity. Mineral glass is harder material designed for the safety of your watch, reasonable impact-resistant, temperature tolerance, and better scratch resistance.

The stainless steel straps give a more formal and masculine look. Also, they are highly durable and robust. They can resist your sweat, water, heavy, UV radiations, and do not gets damaged. 

4. Fastrack Casual Analog Black Dial Men's Watch -NK3123SM01

  • Black Dial color emulates appearance along with mineral glass.
  • Silver Band and steel straps surefire way to add masculine appearance to wrist.
  • Quartz movement
  • Analog display
  • Brass case material
  • Water-resistance with 50 meters’ depth

Though the brand has a series of Analog watches with an array of features and functions, but this is one of the best timepieces in the budget. The watch somewhat imitates the appearance of famous luxury watches.

 Fastrack watches should not be avoided; they add a pretty fascinating timepiece that caters to the crown of a design-conscious artist, a fashionista, or someone who is searching for a fresh look. 

The matte black dial stainless steel adds class and style to the watch. The band color is silver, which adds more elegance to the timepiece. Mineral Dial glass is added to make piece sturdy while being elegant. Mineral dial glass is highly durable and found in most branded watches. 

Brass case material with a diameter of 52 X 45 X 12.3mm can resist corrosion and wear and tear compared to plastic. Movement or caliber is a vital factor to consider in a watch. What could be better than Quartz movement that assures accuracy without the fuss of maintaining frequently? 

Analog display and stainless steel nicely designed strap perform its job well by enhancing the quality and adding a look to the watch. The watch is intended for a rough and tough purpose, with water resistance depth 50 meters, can wear even in monsoon. 

5. Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men's Watch -NK3121SM01

  • White Round dial brushed with silver band to adding enhanced finish.
  • Mineral glass can withstand scratch.
  • Silver bands with Stainless steel straps feel fantastically robust.
  • Diver’s Clasp lock easier access while removing and locking.
  • Quartz Movement and Analog display combines the timepiece with numerals.
  • Water-resistance Depth 50 meters

FasTrack white analog watch alumnus sets the benchmark when it comes to choice and saving your buck. From an array of FasTrack watches, you could assemble your whole wardrobe collections. You would be confident in buying FasTrack pieces due to its genuine timepieces ruling market for decades. 

The dial is a crucial part of a watch that compliments your wrist, and you can never go wrong with round dials. White dial and stainless steel band can go well with any of your formal or casual attire. The driver clasp lock mechanism allows you to wear and remove watches easily. 

Mineral glass material, which is commonly used in most watches, can resist minor scratches and increases its durability. Along with Quartz movement, you can ensure that your watch would require less maintenance with ease of use. 

Analog displays with minutes engraved in 10’s sequel add a sporty look to the watch. The watch is water-resistant and can bear humid climates or conditions easily. 

6. Fastrack Black Magic Analog Black Dial Men's Watch -NK3089SL05

  • Black dial color designed to meet the exact standards of Brown leather bands.
  • Round Shape catches attention to every detail with durable mineral glass.
  • Brass case material adds durability and quality to watch.
  • Water-resistance depth – 50 meters committed to withstand water.

With many positive reviews and satisfied customers, FasTrack this piece has been on our list to enhance your fashion statement. The model entails a premium look, adding appealing design with the best color combinations straps. The leather straps, along with metal dial and low budget option, drove my interest. 

It comes in the built-in high quality of genuine leather straps that appeals more like a bracelet with buckle clasp securing system. The black analog dial displays the minutes in intervals of 5 numbers, adds aesthetic appearance to the watch. The designer hands and black dial highlight the watch, making it ideal for youths. 

With Quartz movement, you are assured of higher durability and low maintenance. Also, the quartz movement is high in precision, so you don’t have the fuss of changing batteries every time. Mineral glass material makes watch worthy buy at this price. 

Fastrack watches for men below 2000 are built with smart round dial options that give you the ease of wearing it and adding comfortability. The Arabic numerals in dial with a silver color band can be best suited for formal or casual attire. The trendy and classic timepiece is must-have in your watch collections. 

7. Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-NK3117SL04

  • Blue Dial holds true and classic design.
  • Asymmetrical Shape with arrow shaped hands giving it innovative concept in budget.
  • Leather Material made from fine quality adds sporty or casual look to wrist.
  • Precise and low maintenance Quartz Movement.
  • Analog Display with minutes engraved in silver.
  • Water Resistance 50 meters.
  • Mineral Glass for scratch and shatter resistance.

If you want to escape from uniformity and try something different rather than circular and rectangular band, then Asymmetrical watches serve the purpose. Though, the basic outline shape for most goes with circular or square, but some escape from the conformity and add asymmetrical watches in their collection. 

The blue dial stands out for its vivid design to suit men’s needs. This timekeeping device of Fastrack watches for men under 2000 features in a brilliant combination of silver and blue-black finish with an asymmetrical shape, that would surely add a compliment to your wrist. 

The water-resistance of 50 meters gives you the flexibility to take challenges underwater and rain splatter. The Quartz movement and Analog 3 hand structure of watch assures you get precision and regularity in your timepiece. Beyond its functionality, it has appealing aesthetics. 

This Fastrack watch comes with mineral glass provides a high resistance and scratch absorbing abilities. Overall, these elegantly designed pieces make ideal for the outdoorsy person. 

The supreme finesse of Fastrack is always supported by their after-sales service. Their customer care services are truly loyal and genuine in their work. The timepiece comes with two years manufacturer warranty on defects, in case any issue do not hesitate to contact their customer services. 

8. Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men's Watch -NK3120SL01

  • White Dial with black highlighted hands complimenting look.
  • Round Shape embedded with mineral glass.
  • Brown leather band giving for casual look.
  • Water-resistance 50 meters depth.

Fastrack, this timepiece is famous with many positive reviews from customers. The watch is known for its affordable yet high-end feature watch. 

 In Fastrack watches for men below 2000 segment, we have introduced Analog white 

 Piece with genuine leather straps for all fashion lovers. The piece is embedded with style, adding white dial covered by non- scratchable mineral glass. The watch includes brass case material with a thickness of 50 millimeters. 

The watch comprises of three hands; two designed bold black hands for hours and minutes while one black one for seconds. Black hands highlight Analog white dial, and the dial decorated with asymmetric patterns at 12, 4, and 8 depicts a beautiful image on the watch.  

The extraordinary timepiece includes the Quartz movement that offers precision and versatility to your wrist. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters’ depth feature with leather straps makes it easy and comfortable wearing throughout the year. 

This watch comes a 1-year manufacturing warranty would assure that in case if you persist any issues, Fastrack customer care is always there to assist you. 

9. Fastrack Casual Analog Grey Dial Men's Watch -NK3121SL02

  • Dark Grey round Dial with striking black leather band.
  • Mineral glass material
  • Quartz movement with Analog display boasts fashionable design.
  • Brass case covered with quality mineral glass material for higher durability.
  • Water-resistance depth 50 meters for watersports and daily activities.

The Fastrack Grey Dial Watch is highly recommended due to its affordability and astonishingly beautiful design. The watch has specifically designed to cater to the need for casual occasions and daily wear. Enhance your attire with silver band leather straps watches beautifully crafted. 

Beyond white and black, grey is the most appealing dial color in men’s watches. If you are bored with the white and black dial, the grey one is indeed trending for men’s timepieces. Fastrack among the most reliable watch brand in India designed this piece keeping the youth audience in mind. 

The gray dial beneath the mineral glass soothes eyes, and the design is true appreciation. The quartz caliber ensures accuracy and low maintenance for the long run. This lightweight watch with black leather straps ensure you get comfortability and durability of the product.

The water resistance 50 meters ensures that you can go swimming or in splashy areas without worrying about damaging your piece. Overall, this product is the best Fastrack watches for men below 2000, that is a must in your collection. 1-year manufacturing warranty assures you for better services, even after-sales. 

10. Fastrack Economy Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch -NK3039SP01

  • Silver Dial and Round shape with minimalist look can be paired with all attire.
  • Mineral glass material reduces sun glare add attractive look.
  • Quality Japanese Quartz movement with long run battery.
  • Analog Display with synthetic silicone strap for comfort wear.
  • Brass Case showcases fashionable design.
  • The timepiece boasts versatile 50 meters water proofness.

The inspiring Fastrack classic design, the piece is elegant, sharp, and sophisticated. Do not invest in terribly overpriced timepieces; instead, buy Fastrack Economy Analog Silver watches under 2000. The Analog Quartz movement is a popular yet best feature in watches. 

In a quality watch, the water resistance feature is a must. You don’t know, but water can damage extensively to a watch. Thanks to a Fastrack water-resistance of 50 meters, the materials and movements are safe, and you can enjoy even in the extreme weather conditions. 

Intricately designed, the synthetic watch strap gives sportier, and youth look along with comfortability. The buckle clasp easies the work of wrapping the watch on the wrist without any slipping. The timepiece is crafted with mineral glass for bearing scratches while the quartz caliber supports effectively. 

One year domestic warranty included. What could be better than owning a masculine personality and trendy piece on the wrist, all this in budget-friendly option? 
Analog display with silver display enhances the piece. This timepiece from the house of a well-known brand is deemed as the most elegant Fastrack watches for men below 2000.

Common technical questions 

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow long the battery lasts?u003c/strongu003e

Usually, it depends upon the type of watch, the number of functions it performs. A battery lasts for about one year in analog watches and digital watches. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe display on my watch has been black, and nothing can be seen. u003cbr/u003eThis happens when the digital watch went through severe shock or dropped. The digital watches display includes conductive fluid that either contaminates or cracks due to jerks, shocks, or drops and may damage the conductive fluid. The repair of screens can be expensive, and replacing is the best economical alternative. 

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhat to do if my watch stops functioning?u003c/strongu003e

The first thing to check is if the battery has run out. Batteries usually last from 1 to 2 years, depend upon the usage. Some quartz watches have extended battery life, which can go for up to 3 years. A professional repairer can help you in assisting with the problems. 

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow to identify if the watch is genuine?u003c/strongu003e

The weight and the ticking of the watch justify the genuineness. Hold the watch close to the ear and listen for its ticking, if you hear it, it’s fake. The quality rotor and the glass can justify a lot about the watch. We suggest you always buy 100% of certified products from a well-known dealer like Amazon. 

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow to take care of your watch?u003c/strongu003e Q. u003cstrongu003eHow to take care of your watch?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e Avoid shocks or droppings on hard surfaces as watches are delicate pieces. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTake care of the water. Though, if the watch is labeled as water-resistant, avoid putting it directly underwater. The faucet water pressure can produce moisture which penetrates deep inside the watch and can damage it. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDo not use any solvents or chemicals which result in deterioration of the watch and change the color of either band, case, or strap.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWipe off excess moisture, dirt, or sweat with the help of soft cloth once you remove it from your wrist to increase its durability.

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhere should I store my Fast track watch while not in use?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e The place should be free from dust; it should not be too high or too low in temperature. If you are not wearing for a long time, leave it in a ventilated place, put in the box provided along with the watch.u003cbr/u003e

Q. u003cstrongu003eMy watch is running too slow and even stopping in between.u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e Watches are finely made and embedded with delicate machines. Unlike a car, even watches need maintenance for optimum performance. You should maintain your watch after 3 to 5 years.

Q. u003cstrongu003eMy watch is running faster than usual. u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e The unusual activity of watches can be due to several reasons. Over time lubricants in the watch cause hairspring to stick, and due to this, it does not function properly. Also, the issue could be due to the dropping of a watch, breaking of a hairspring, and much more. Consult your authorized service center who can help you with it.

Final Words 

Purchasing a watch from many arrays of options and bewildering choices, we opt for the best watches manufactured, keeping into consideration technical innovation, fashionable style, and many other things. A lot has been improved for decades in the structure and functionality of watches. 

To do justice, we have chosen the best one format brand Fastrack with extensive research, a library of videos, studying reviews of customers. At the end of the day, the selection is yours as a watch is a personal purchase. When you choose wisely, it can add prized possession or a wonderful gift for someone. 

But at the same time, when chosen poorly, it can turn to a worthless piece. Watches are integrated by a bevy of unique features that can justify individual taste and style. We have comprised some of the pieces, Fastrack watches for men below 2000, that can elevate your outfit and tell a lot about your personality. 

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