10 Best Fastrack Watches For Womens Below 2000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A wristwatch is not just a personal time tracking device but also a style statement. In recent times multiple Wristwatch brands have evolved, and they are offering various designs to cater to different types of customers and genders. If you are looking for Fastrack watches for womens below 2000, you have come to the right place.

Here we listed out some of the best Fastrack women’s watch within your budget. Since wristwatches are so important in our day to day life, we have carefully brought together a list that considers the market competitiveness and customer demands as well to help you choose the right watch.

A wristwatch plays an important role in defining one’s persona, appearance, and aura. Which brand or what design you choose to wear creates an impression of yourself among peoples you meet with. So, without any further delay, let’s try to illustrate various types of wristwatches.

Types of Wristwatches

Here we have divided the watches based on the technology.

  • Analog watches– This is undoubtedly traditional display watches. It comes with one hour’s hand, one-minute hand, and some time with a small second hand. It is the most common type of wristwatches.
  • Digital watches- Digital watches come with an LCD screen to showcase the time and sometimes other information too. These types of the watch require electric power, which is available in quartz watches.
  • Hybrid watches– From the name itself, we can identify the watch type. These types of watches are a combination of the first two watches. When you look at the watch for the first time, it looks like an analog watch. It has an hour, minute, and second hands.
  • Tactile watches– In tactile watches, you shall know the time by just touching them. Earlier, the watch was built for blind people. It came into use for the first time in the 1800s. The user can check the time without picking out the watch from their pocket.
  • Touchscreen watches– All the smartwatches have a touch screen. The screen not only shows time with multiple style dials but also supports other applications like call pick, music, etc. You have to navigate all those through the menu button.

Best Fastrack Watches For Womens Below 2000 in india 2021 – Reviews

1. Fastrack NK6078SM03 Blue Dial Watch

  • The round blue dial gives you a classic look
  • The color of the band is silver, material: Stainless steel
  • Case material is Brass
  • Case Diameter is 41 x 34 x 9.8 mm
  • To reset the time, use a screw
  • Type of watch movement: Quartz

Want to gift your sister the Fastrack watches for womens below 2000? Fastrack Monochrome (NK6078SM03) would be an apt choice as it looks cool with mid-sized wrist dial along with the metallic band, which look really fashionable.

The watch is coated with the mineral glass cover. The band is made of stainless steel, which provides quartz movement. The analog watch comes with an inbuilt lithium battery. Apart from the durability, it offers a water-resistant facility as well. It can sustain in accidental water splashes as well.

The deployment clutch and the stainless-steel silver band offers you a rust-free long life. The analog watch is scratched, grazes, and dent free. You can wear this with both western and eastern outfits.

Overall:- The overall weight of the item is 141g. The blue sea dial with the not so polished steel band will grab everyone’s attention. The timepiece coated with the mineral glass covering

2. Fastrack Fits & Forms Analog Purple Dial Watch

  • The color of the dial is blue
  • The shape of the dial is round
  • The material of the dial glass is Brass
  • The color of the band is white
  • Movement type is Quartz
  • Water-resistance up to 30m
  • Comes with a buckle clasp
  • Case diameter is 41 x 34 x 12 mm

Get the best Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. It is not only stylish but light weighted too. The timepiece is a great combination of technology and features. The blue round dial is enveloped with the mineral glass. This gives the watch good protection.

The watch is scratch-resistant, solid, and durable too. The strap of the watch is made of white leather along with the handmade blue stitch. The combination of white and blue gives you a classic look.

The case diameter is approx. 41 x 34 x 12 mm. Wear it on a rainy day or during a pool party. Because the watch provides water-resistance facility up to 30 meters. The movement type of this elegant timepiece is Quartz.

Overall:– If your budget is a bit tight, this watch would be the perfect choice for you. Glass dial with the dazzling leather band is quite alluring.

3. Fastrack Upgrade-Core Analog White Dial Watch

  • The white color rectangular shape dial is quite alluring
  • The band material is stainless steel
  • The color of the band is silver
  • Movement type of watch is silver
  • The band material is stainless steel
  • The case material is Brass
  • The diameter of the case is 27.7 x 18 millimeters

Looking for a pocket-friendly watch? Fastrack Analog (NK2049SM09) is considered as the Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. The double chain strap looks stylish on your wrist. The clear rectangular dial is marked with roman numeric. The minutes and hour hands are metallic.

The slim rectangular analog watch looks firm on your wrist. The logo and the name “Fastrack” are printed on the white dial. The thick stainless-steel casing not only provides you a good look but also gives you protection from the moisture, like sweating and from damage.

The woman Fastrack analog watch is water-resistant up to 30m. The quartz movement offers you precise and accurate time. The rectangular dial is covered with mineral crystal glass. It goes with both eastern and western wear.

Overall– The elegant timepiece comes with a stainless-steel band and a rectangular-shaped dial. The product is only 100gm; you will feel very light while wearing it.

4. Fastrack Analog Black Dial Women's Watch

  • The black color dial is accompanied with the special case provide you an elegant look
  • The Silver color band is made with classy stainless steel
  • The movement type is Quartz
  • Fastrack NK6109SM02 is an analog watch
  • The case thickness is of 7.25mm, and the length is 6H-12H

Fastrack analog NK6109SM02 watch is one of the best Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. The stylish watch comes with a black dial and stainless-steel band. The band is silver in color. It is so light weighted (109g) that you won’t feel wearing something.

The stylish timepiece provides you up to 30m water-resistant and scratch-free. The silver marking of the 12th and 6th in the black dial gives you a sophisticated look. The movement type of the analog watch is Quartz.

The case width of the watch is 3H-9H mm: 28.32 mm, and the thickness is 7.25mm. The watch is durable, solid, and of course, value for money. The first look of the watch is quite alluring. The marvelous design makes the accessory even more attractive.

Overall– The trendy features of this watch make it more attractive. The combination of stainless-steel silver band and black dial is just outstanding.

5. Fastrack Girls Analog Black Dial Women's Watch

  • The shape of the case is Asymmetrical
  • Case material is made of Brass
  • The black dial is embedded with the brass glass
  • Case diameter is 42.5 x 32 mm
  • It provides water resistance facility
  • The leather band comes with a buckle clasp

Fastrack is a youth brand, brings in unique designs on the table, which are quite non-orthodox to the design of a wristwatch. This appeals to youth more. The girl’s watch here also has a unique rectangular shape with a black dial in an inclined asymmetrical fashion.

Other than the metal it has glasswork. The analog-style watch is, in fact, runs on lithium cells. The strap is of pure leather is tied with asymmetrical the Ardillon clasp style, and the watch is water-resistant with protection against water splashes and sweat.

The bezels around the watch are of silver color, which gives contrast to the black dial. The button on the sides is there for adjusting the time. At the bottom, we have a protective casing made of Brass while at the top, we have a mineral glass protection.

Overall- Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 are so elegant that one who owns will catch everyone’s eye and, at this price range offers all the features of a good girl wristwatch.

6. Fastrack Fits and Forms Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch

  • Asymmetrical rectangular shape
  • Leather strap and water resistance up to 30m
  • The Silver color glass Dial comes with the Buckle clasp
  • Analog display with quartz style
  • Unique design with a solid protective design
  • Glass protection at the top and brass protection at the bottom

The analog watch by Fastrack looks great with buckle type design and sunray style dial. Croc style stitched design strap with pink color looks beautiful. The look is pretty cotemporary with a lug slot at the lower end.

This watch goes perfect for office going or casual going out. The color and design give a feminine feel to this watch. The watch is of quartz style with a silver minute a second dial, which looks elegant.

Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 are great to work with a solid design, the steel casing around the watch protects it from everyday wear and tear and other types of scratches. The buckle clasp with the leather band gives a great grip to the watch.

Overall- All in all, it’s a great watch for young girls who either go to college or office due to its sturdy and robust design. The design is very user-friendly with three plain hands and a single line. Within its price range, it’s a great watch to buy for girls.

7. Fastrack Fits & Forms Analog Black Dial Women's Watch

  • Analog display with Quartz design
  • Red leather band
  • Black dial with an asymmetrical shape
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Buckle clasp
  • Stainless steel case
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • The protective mineral glass on top
  • Plain 3 hand functionality

Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 is a unique styled watched with ardillon style tang buckle belt mechanism. The red band colored watch has a very soft and great quality leather band. The crown switch is smooth, and you can easily adjust the time.

The water resistance gives protection from splashes of water and sweat. With a weight of just 60 grams and unique asymmetrical dimensions and bold design just goes perfect with black base and red dial.

The surrounded steel casing has silver coloring, which gives a perfect contrast to the watch. The buckle clasp gives it a great fit and a good grip on the wrist, still being soft on the skin.

Overall- Due to its lightweight, tight grip leather band, exquisite design, and a solid body with a smooth crown design give this watch all the points that one can give to good value for money ladies watch. Who will not want such a feature-packed watch and that too from an ace brand like Fastrack?

8. Fastrack NK6093SL01 Analog White Dial Watch

  • Dual glass protection on top and sides
  • Brass case protection at the bottom
  • Soft and High-quality Leather band
  • Tanged buckle clasp design
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Lightweight quartz design analog-type
  • Lithium-ion battery

These off-white color ladies watch a unique watch with white strap and black dials. It has protective brass casing on all sides and a double-layered mineral glass protection on top. It is splash and sweat resistant.

Its tanged buckle clasp design gives it a solid grip on the wrist while the dual protection on top protects it from daily wear and tear through scratches etc. You can wear it to the office or for casual purposes; it’s a robust watch.

The plain three-hand functionality and a genuine leather band just add more benefits to this watch. The asymmetrical design is unique with a robust design to handle wear and tear.

Overall- Fastrack watches for women below 2000 are elegant but robust watch for young ladies by Fastrack, which packs in all the important features of a wristwatch at the given price point, so whether one wants it to gift this to their loved ones or as a girl buy for themselves. It’s worth the same.

9. Fastrack Hip Hop Analog NK9827PP01 Watch

  • The White round dial gives you a classic design
  • Dual glass layer protection on Glass
  • Silicon white band
  • Analog style with quartz design
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Embedded stones at bezels
  • Backside stainless steel casing protection

The sleek, designed white dial ladies watch an attractive piece of work by Fastrack. Other than features like water-resistant up to 30 meters below water, round dial, dual glass protection, and stainless-steel casing.

It also has a dazzling bezel where immaculate stones that add a Swarovski element are embedded and tightly grilled by the hard-waterproof plastic frames colored in golden color. The stones are quite sturdy in nature to handle daily wear and tear.

To keep the overall weight loss in place of heavy straps, a light silicon strap is chosen for this watch, which has a great grip and remains soft on the skin. It has a buckle clasp design, which gives the watch more stability.

Overall- Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 a great watch to have or gift because due to its unique dazzling stones, it gives a diva-like feeling to the person. Also, we must remember that other than the design, the watch is feature-packed with all the necessary things which should be in a lady’s wrist at an attractive price point.

10. Fastrack Economy Analog Black Dial Women's Watch

  • Black border grey dial with oval shape
  • Silver color stainless steel mesh styled band
  • The dial is of Glass with Protective Glass on top
  • Brass bottom protection as well surrounded case
  • Buckle clasp and water-resistant up to 30 meters

It is one of the bestselling black dial watches for ladies by Fasttrack. The mineral glass top layer protection saves the watch from any kind of scratches and cracks.  With water-resistant up to 30 meters, you can definitely take it for a swim in a swimming pool.

The chic styled stainless steel buckle clasp technique band on the watch looks more elegant on a lady’s wrist as it wraps around the same in such a fashion as it appears to be a bracelet.

The case material around the watch is on Brass with a buckle clasp to give a good grip. It weighs around 130 grams, which is a bit heavier than other such watched but gives more sturdiness to the watch overall.

Overall- Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 is just great for someone who is looking for a low cost but robust watch, which can also look cool in wrists. With all the given features which it has, it is one of the best choices in its price range.


Q. What is an analog watch?

Ans. An analog watch is also known as an analogue watch, is a type of watch that does not have a digital display. It has only a traditional clock face. It consists of three hands: hour, minutes, and seconds.

Q. Does analog watch need battery?

Ans. Most of the analog Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 have quartz movement. So If the watch is powered by the quartz movement, it definitely requires batteries. These watches get their electricity from the inbuilt electrical generator.

Q. Which one is better? Quartz or mechanical?

Ans. There is no definite answer to this. Both have their own quality. Quartz is comparatively better than the mechanical one. It is more accurate. The mechanical watch does not require any battery.

Q. Are the Fastrack watches waterproof?

Ans. Fastrack has a great collection for both men and women. Purchase the Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. These watches are water-resistant up to 50m. You can wear it in the pool or beach areas.

Q. What is the difference between digital and analog watch?

Ans. There is a vast difference between the analog and digital watches. The prime thing is the display. Most of the Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 are analog. Analog watches have a display along with the hour and minute hand. In digital watch, numbers display on the LCD screen.

Q. Which one to buy a leather band or metal band?

Ans. It depends. Both have their own quality. Leather bands are stylish, and the metal band does not tear easily. It does not soak the moisture from your body. You can choose the watch as per your dressing style. Fastrack watches for womens below 2000 will offer you multiple varieties.

Q. How long the leather strap last?

Ans. The life of the band depends on your usage. How carefully you use the Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. But generally, a leather band last for at least 18 months. If you take care of the strap, it will last for a longer time.

Q. From where to buy wristwatches?

Ans. Online is the best medium to purchase Fastrack watches for womens below 2000. Here you will get multiple options — multiple brands under the same roof. You have multiple options plus you can avail of discounts as well

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