How To Start a Blog in India 2019

Starting a blog requires a lot of research and with limited resources, it always a tough learning of how to start a blog in India during earlier days.

But now with internet boom and lot of companies offering flexible services, starting a blog is not more a big thing and with a combined experience of over 15 years, let us write things on how to start a blog in India.

Guide on How To Start A Blog in India 2019

There are only three simple steps to kickstart your blog and everyone one of the steps needs to be carefully considered since I don’t want to put you on some tutorials and getting failed.

How To Start a Blog in India

The three simple steps are

  • Choose your niche
  • Get a domain and hosting
  • Follow up things to make your blog successful.

While writing this How To Start a Blog in India guide, I had launched around 100 blogs in the last few years, for our own and client sites, thus our steps are so clean, straight to the point and possibly eradicating most unwanted steps and putting you the most complete guide on starting a blog.

Choose Your Niche

The first and foremost thing, choose the niche you’re capable of. This the critical stage where many people fail and I don’t want you to be the one.

You have friends or someone who is making good money on a particular niche say, fashion or technology site, but spend some time whether you’re really passionate about the niche and whether you can produce contents people loved to look for.

Choose some 2-3 niches and write down some 10-15 content ideas for each niche, just analyze yourself which one are you familiar with and choose it.

If you’ve difficulty finding the niches, here are the evergreen niches which is never going to die and can generate money for your lifetime.

  • Health (including the likes of weight loss, food blog etc)
  • Wealth ( credit cards, wallets, debit cards, banking options)
  • Tech ( all about gadgets, gaming,computer etc)
  • Education ( jobs, news)
  • Sports ( every one of the sports cricket, football)

Let me assume, you have chosen the niche and the very next step, choose the domain and hosting to get started. You can also our top Black Friday Web Hosting Deals page where we listed companies offering legal deals where you can reduce your expenses while starting your blogging business.

Most other guides recommends some hosting companies that pay high commission but I don’t you to fell in trap like I fallen years back while getting started with blogging.

As said earlier, we are managing over 100s of blog and I got an account with every top hosting companies in the market, installed a demo site with WordPress CMS installed and started monitoring its performance like uptime, speed and support things.

Out of which I just loved this company and I’m hosting one of my main site with them for over four years and they didn’t give me an option to move my site to another host.

Trust me, you’ll love it.

The best thing, you just need to pay for hosting, the company will offer you free domain for you lifetime with no additional charges.

So, you planned to use a domain like , you can mention it with the company while signing up and it would be costed Rs.1000 every year to renew your domains with GoDaddy.

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